Does the Terrorist Attack now raise the threshold?

I mean now that someone downed a skyscraper, pulled off 4 hijackings and hit the Pentagon raise the level so somene will try something MORE daring.

Like ok this guy did FOUR hijackings so now to get noticed we will need FIVE hijackings?

If they have any sense they’re hiding in a cave somewhere, not planning something else.

I wasn’t really thinking about now. I mean pretty much all you’re are going to get now are low level copy cat attacks.

I mean since this attack took years to plan what about now. You think it would raise the level to “OK they did this big thing we must do something bigger.”

The revolting notion of copycat atrocities is one more reason why we need to retaliate against Afghanistan with a reprisal of stunning proportions. All terrorist countries need to witness the horrendous price of perpetrating any future calamities.