Does this message board have a spell checking function?


Just as above, I did use the search function and didn’t find anything. I have to believe that I am just missing something.


When I mispell [sic] a word, it gets underlined in red; but I think it’s my browser that’s doing that, rather than the message board.

Moving this question about the Board to ATMB from General Questions.

samclem, moderator

From the number of typos I see, this board has no autocorrect. It’s in your browser, or in your phone if you use it to post here.

The previous posts are correct. There is no spell checking built into the SDMB.

Your browser or phone or tablet or whatever you use to view the SDMB may have spell checking built into it.

Firefox has spell checking built into it. It is enabled by default.

Chrome and Internet Explorer also have a spell checker. Depending on what version you have, you may need to go into the browser’s settings and enable it.

The iPhone’s auto carrot [sic] is rather (in)famous. Android also uses word prediction and attempts to correct spelling errors on the fly, often resulting in auto carrots.

If you simply spell words correctly in the first place, you’ll have no need for any kind of spell check. This may seem intuitively obvious to some, but it’s worth pointing out.


I grow my own words in my garden and they taste better than any words you can buy at the store.

You may have the tasty freshest verbs and spices, but for the highest Scoville foliage and verbiage, you should do your gardening in the Pit, with X-tra vinegar. That’s the only place around here that really needs spell checking, as all curses and hexes belong there.

It’s also the place where people are forced to eat their own words.

Joust remember that ewe kneed two cheque yore typing even with spelt chequing.

Dmnd strayt!

I’m an engineer. We can’t be expected to spell correctly or use proper grammar.

Well, just so the trains on schedule, I guess you’re fine.

Typos are a constant possibility for even the best of spellers. I have no difficulties at all with spelling but I’ll still leave the Firefox spellchecker enabled to catch typos (and we all make them).