Does this Monty Python quote actually translate to anything?

In The Tobacconist sketch, The Tobacconist reads something, ostensibly in Hungarian, from the phrasebook. Near as I can remember, vaguely phonetically, it goes like this:
“Yendelevayasin, grodenwee, strevenka”

Does this mean anything in Hungarian or any other language, and would it get one punched out?

This has been bugging me for nigh-on 15 years.


And if anybody knows German and has seen the skit about the killer joke, does what the soldiers were yelling at the Germans translate to anything at all?

No, the killer joke is just German-sounding nonsense.

I can, however give you what the script says :

from The Complete Monty Python’s Flying Circus : All the Words, vol. 1, ep. 1

If you really must know, an entirely literal translation would be :

[when] is the now-piece [good] and ‘Slotermeyer’?
Yes! … at-hither dog /[Bavarian dog?] the Oder (river)/[or?] the Flipper-[forest] [hurried].

Words in brackets indicate the sort of word possibly intended since it was spoken, since they’re misspelled as German words. Slotermeyer has no meaning, but could be mistaken for a surname (spelled Slotermeier, though). Also ‘sputen’ (hurry) is a rare verb that I had to hunt for, and anyway ‘gersput’ isn’t a correct form.
Unfortunately the ‘dirty Hungarian phrase-book’ is in vol. 2, but I expect it’s similar nonsense.

I’ve checked several sources, including various Python FAQs and a couple of online script repositories and have found nothing concerning the supposedly Hungarian words from the Dirty Hungarian Phrase Book sketch.

If I had to make an educated guess though, I’d agree that as with the “Funniest Joke in the World” the spoken Hungarian in that sketch is nothing but nonsense.

Here’s the tobacconist’s line from the script in “MPFC: All The Words Vol. 2”: “Yandelvayasna grldenwi stravenka.”

A Google groups search turned up a bit of info in One post said “Stravenka is Czech for a lunch token.” Another post said “It is actually a music reference along the lines of ‘High hat on 2 and 4’”, but I think that’s another joke.

I showed ANFSCD to my students in Hungary. They could not understand what was said in the skit. Hungarien students. It’s gibberish.

My nipples explode with delight.

Oh, well. And I was looking forward to a killer joke, too. :slight_smile: I guess the Lumberjack song will have to do…

“…I cut down trees, I wear high heels, suspenders and a bra…I wish I’d been a girlie, just like my dear papa…”

It means nothing. (Yes, I am Hungarian).

And when Hitler was demonstrating his pre-war joke–also gibberish. For the record. But in some other Monty Python skits involving German, the language was right on, like the one with that German queen who was speaking in English, but occassionally turned to her assistant when she got stuck on a word.

But for the record, I’m not a native German speaker; neither am I a very good speaker.

But thanks anyway.

Delightfully exploding nipples, notwithstanding.


I will confirm, from my Hungarian director who has seen the skit, that it is nonsensical.