Does Trump ever laugh?

I never thought about this until Comey mentioned it. What are the consequences of a politician not having any real sense of humour?

You survived Calvin Coolidge, you can survive this

Well, he gloats some. Kinda like laughing.

No, he used to make jokes, even jokes about himself. They weren’t terribly funny, but he did laugh at them.

Laughing at your own jokes doesn’t mean you have a sense of humor.

His refusing to attend the Correspondents’ Dinner two years straight certainly implies he’s not interested in hearing jokes about himself.

I hope not. If he ever does, it’ll come rattling out of his chest in a cloud of dust and dead spiders.

I’m sure he laughs when he thinks of all the contractors he’s stiffed over the years and he must laugh when thinking of the people who will lose their homes when he dismantles Social Security. He must laugh at the coal miners who actually thought he’d bring their jobs back. He might even laugh when he looks at the payments come in to Maralago from his Secret Service detail and from entertaining official guests on the public dime and pocketing the overpriced prices.

I kinda liked a line he had the other day, when talking about meeting with the North Korean leader, Kim. After making a couple of points, Trump added, "And as for that whole ‘dealing with a madman’ thing, well, that’s HIS problem.’

Please, where did you read this? I must be able to quote this to some friends.

I’m sure there are somethings that Trump would laugh at. You just need to pick the right material.

There is reportedly video footage of Trump laughing, but its release has been held up indefinitely. Apparently there are some issues related to ownership, international rights, that sort of thing.

Wellllll, for what it’s worth, he’s actually a funny guy. His humor is a cruel, insulting jerk type, but it is humor.

But, IMHO like a lot of professional stand-up comics, he doesn’t actually laugh at things he finds funny. A lot of stand-ups, when they hear something they find funny, will say, “that’s funny.” But they won’t laugh out loud. It’s just a quirk they have, that looks like Trump shares.

There is footage from the 80s:

He laughed when someone compared Hillary Clinton to a dog.

I only know a couple of professional comedians. They crack jokes and laugh all the time. But they aren’t Steven Wright wannabes.

Trump clearly spends a lot of time and effort insulting other people — it served him surprisingly well during his campaign. But this is a pretty low form of humour, and even still doesn’t usually cause him to laugh. For a very public figure who has aggressively sought overexposure, there are remarkably few examples of laughter.

Before starting this thread, I searched the board and read a few articles which mentioned this during the campaign. It was argued previous presidents like Dubya, Reagan, Obama and Clinton could make jocular comments to ease tensions and reach fellow partisans or across party lines. Humour is quite a valued social skill and while I would rather have a competent and compassionate politician than “someone I’d like to drink a beer with” (a metric I always found a little strange, like the uneasy populism when politicians say how much they like regional food — “I love grits! I’m just like you NASCAR loving folks!”)… I think humour is pretty important. I’m not sure a lack of laughter is always a simple quirk. I think it can be a sign of significant personality deficits.

All the way to the bank, I’m sure.

Well, it hasn’t gone well for him in the past. “Donald Trump has been saying he will run for President as a Republican, which is surprising since I just assumed he was running as a joke.” Even by the standards of a full-on roast, Meyers’ gaga were scathing of him, all the moreso for being largely true. But then, Donald Trump is notoriously thin-skinned, still bitter over a minor insult from over thirty years ago in which the observation of the length of his fingers was actually just the compound modifier to the actual insult about his vulgarity. It’s almost surprising that Trump hasn’t ordered Mike Pompeo to issue a “capture or kill” order against Seth Meyers and authorized a drone strike against Graydon Carter.


Three words: Larry, Moe, Curly.

Totally so. In general, I think that part of having a functioning, “normal” sense of humor is to be able to laugh at yourself when warranted. We have over 30 years of evidence to suggest that Trump has no ability to take humor directed at himself as anything less than a grave insult.

He’s the adult, real-life version of Scut Farkus. He loves dishing it out, but he absolutely cannot take it.