The world laughs at Trump

Well, maybe not the whole world but certainly the UN:

Just wait. He’ll throw a temper tantrum and say that it’s a “fake” United Nations with low ratings.

Right now he’s already trying to claim “I meant to do that”.

Ho. Lee. Shit! You weren’t kidding:

Despite the fact that he actually said after getting laughed at, ‘that’s not what I was expecting’.


That was the best thing I’ve ever seen on my morning news in Australia.

Well, maybe not the best, but a pretty close runner up. Gave me a goodly belly-chuckle all the same.

Saw it live. I have to say, not sure if it was a line meant to get a laugh by the speechwriter and Trump did not realise it, since it seems pretty tounge in cheek. Hell I could see Obama saying it with a twinkle in his eye.

There was another part in the speech, when he spoke about Germany, and the camera panned to the German delegation laughing their heads off.

Old-fashioned kings got nicknames - The Great, The Short, The Wise, The Bald…

Trump is getting his nickname - The Fuck-Up.

Nah, he already got it way back: Trumpus I, the Orange.

I really hate to see him speech-ify. He looks like a smarmy used car salesman. Oily as hell.

The world wasn’t laughing at America, it was laughing with America… at Trump

One of the several things about this speech that I find remarkable is that he and someone on his staff who can write in complete sentences thought that this brag was suitable for the first few sentences of a speech to the general assembly of the United Nations.

Heard Fox news edited so their viewers wouldn’t see the part where world leaders laughed out loud at Trump.

In defense of Trump, he did manage this time to address the international forum without goading any nuclear powers into a war.

And I see this as some speechwriter including these lines with full knowledge that our Punchline-in-Chief would love them and knowing how the assembly would react to them. To this noble patriot, I offer a golf clap and promise to buy your book when you publish it.

You don’t understand. The speech was delivered at the UN, but the intended audience was Trump’s base. How many Trump voters are there at the UN. The fact that he was laughed at will only inflame them. He doesn’t play deep games; he’s as shallow as the puddle in my driveway.

This is what happens when you only give speeches to your base, who eat up your BS like pigs at a trough. When you have to give a speech in “the real world”, people are going to laugh at your obvious BS rather than applaud it.

While he appeared to shrug off the laughter, you could tell it was just eating him up inside. I wouldn’t be surprised if he threw a tantrum in private later on.

And yet, he has made the same claim many times with a straight face. Now… he’s laughing at himself?

I can’t quite make out what he says right before the laugh. I hear: “In less than two years, my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country. America’s so true.” then the laughter.

Did I hear the very last part of it correctly? It sounds like they’re laughing at the very end but were they just holding the laughter from the first part of the sentence?

He’s an embarrassment. But, wasn’t people laughing at him what got us here in the first place?

This is really it. I believe he saw his base as the real world. He started to believe his ‘fake news’ hype/lies.

The way it was presented on the news this morning, the laughter was delayed because the real-time translators took about that long to translate Trump’s words from English into the various native languages of people in the audience who couldn’t speak English.