Does Vbb coding work in the "Report this post" function?

This afternoon I found an instance of a thread that seemed to need merging (the OP had apparently hit “Submit” twice, and two threads were being responded to). I sent a report to the mods, and in the text of my comments, I attempted to include a link to the second thread.

Does the email to the mods accept the Vbb coding and make it a clickable link, or was I wasting my time?

You don’t need to do anything to make it a clickable link, other than to provide the URL. Most email clients (except AOL and maybe a few others) will automatically make it clickable, if the recipient has their emails set to dispal;y in HTML format, rather than plain text. Vb code will not work in report post messages, however.

When I get a reported post, I receive two clilckable links. One is for the reported post, and one is for the thread.

I receive the following message:

The subject is “Reported post from Straight Dope Message Board”

Sometimes, all the poster says is “spam” or “troll”, and quite often, that’s enough. However, I certainly appreciate additional information, for instance “This person also insulted someone else in this post, that post, and the other post”, with links to posts if at all possible. Sometimes I get reports and I don’t understand just what someone is reporting. A lot of the time, I get a report, look at the reported post, and decide that it’s not really a violation. I very, very rarely reply to reports.

Yes, I get a clickable link, but that’s because of the email client not vBB.

Sometimes people report duplicate threads and don’t link to the original, or they report the original and don’t link to the duplicate, and then I have to go hunting for the duplicate to shut it down. Pasting the link to the original in the report of the duplicate would make life just that bit easier.

Thank you all. In future, I will stick to the facts, and save my mad coding skillz for the forums.