Does Walter White die tonight? Final guess!

This poll closes at 9 PM Eastern tonight…or not.

Last chance to get a snapshot of what the Dope thought.

Edit: It now closes tomorrow at 9 AM, one day after its creation. Let’s stop voting at 9 PM Eastern, though. My bad!

If he doesn’t die, I want my money back.


I can not think of any satisfying resolution to the show that doesn’t involve his death. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t one that they could spring on me, but my money is on Mr. White buying it.

I’ll also go on record and say that I think Jesse lives.

I’m on the other side of the fence, I know I’m in the minority, but I know I’m not alone in that I’ve always rooted for him. Yes, I know he’s the bad guy, but I’d still like to see him ‘win’.

Of course, what’s winning? Is ‘winning’ him going off into the sunset with his money? Does ‘winning’ mean his family has to have at least some of the money? Does winning just mean that we wrap up tonight with him alive? I don’t really know for sure yet.

I don’t know that I am against his winning, but even if he wins he sort of has to die. I would love to see him redeemed, but even in redemption he still has to go. Hail of gun fire, cancer, suicide, something. I can’t think of a resolution where he walks away alive that actually resolves anything.

I did not vote in my own poll yet, but as an outsider, why do some of you think he must die? I have only seen one episode(the pilot), by the way.

I remember this same discussion about Gaius Baltar a few years ago. My money for him was survival…for two reasons.

1 Gaius always survives.

  1. Survival, for him, is his punishment. To live with his guilt is worse than death.

Is this not the case for Walter White? How des death seem appropriate for his story?

I don’t root for him and I think he deserves to die. But I think his dying would be predictable and dull. I want some kind of awful lonely fate, but I don’t want to see it coming.

That’s why I am assuming Jesse has to die first - to “get to” Walt and shake him out of his pride-driven Heisenberg mind. At that point, he will be aware, but will then die in some big way. Shakespeare for the win.

Living is worse than death for WW. All his money will be gone, his family will hate him, he will have nothing left. I think he wants to die in a blaze of glory killing the nazis and freeing Jesse, but in a way that sounds too easy and trite.

And I won’t spoil Gaius’ ending since this is not a BSG thread.

I agree, but the only way I can see them keeping him alive is if they literally kill everyone else in his life including baby Holly. If anyone in Walt’s life is still hanging around, and by that I mean living, then he has a chance of continuing and we have all seen that if there is even a slight chance he will keep going.

I don’t see them killing off everyone but Walt and any other choice is not real resolution (except for the options that I clearly haven’t thought of which will seem obvious in retrospect).

Maybe nobody dies. Now, that would be a surprise ending!

I’d like to see him take out all the nazi gang with the m-60, recover the cash, use it to make his way to the Czech Republic and set up a new operation, and become meth king of Europe as his cancer goes into remission.

I only saw the first two or three episodes, way back when, and stopped watching - perhaps I was too premature in my dislike for the show.

However, I came to this thread to wish you all a very satisfying series finale - and hope it is better than the crap Dexter fizzled out with as a finale!

The answer was in the title of the first episode of this last season “Live Free or Die”. There’s no way he can live free, and by “free”, I mean freed from the police as well as his cancer and any guilt from the evil he’s done. So he’s a goner, all preordained IMO from the start of the series.

The final episode is called Felina, a reference to the song El Paso, in which the evil protagonist dies at the end after a quick kiss from his “love”. So based on the title alone, he has to die.

The alternative is that everyone else has to die.

Personally, I’m hoping that Marie gets to do the deed.

It will be revealed that he and everyone else has been dead the entire time.

I don’t know if Walt will die in the show, but I believe his death will be made clear one way or another. (In other words, if he’s going to die from cancer in some hideout somewhere, the show will make it clear that that’s what will happen, even if we don’t see it happen.)

Well, Walt will die. He’s even more mortal than the rest of us, because of his cancer. The question is whether he’ll die on screen, or before the show ends. Just few episodes ago, I’d have said he’d survive the show. Now I think it’s more likely he won’t. Perversely, though, the fact that the show keeps saying he’s about to die is one of the few reasons I think he might still survive. BB loves to point in one direction, and then deliver something else.

Maybe he takes some of the Blue Meth before dying. As a last kiss.