Does windows 10 have you frustrated?

Does windows 10 have you frustrated? We’ve two new computers, an Intel and an
HP, and just downloading and installing the update took all day. Is the typical?

No. My upgrade didn’t take long and I like 10 a lot.

No. It does take a while (2 - 3 hours) to download and install even with a really fast internet connection but I wouldn’t consider that the fault of Windows 10 itself. It is a major (free) upgrade and very good overall. You can make it look and function like almost anything you want as well. I don’t like tiles so I downloaded ClassicShell after the update to make things act the way that I wanted. In my case, it was something that resembled Windows 7 but with the extra Windows 10 functionality still available and it works quite well.

The criticisms of Windows 10 usually center around install time and the out of the box user interface. Neither of those are valid in my very experienced opinion. The install time depends on your internet connection and your hardware but it only needs to be done once. The user interface is very customizable and is not the operating system itself. You can make it look and act just like Windows 7, XP or even a Mac if you really want to with every option in between.

no, but then again I haven’t really had any difficulty adjusting to the changes in new versions of Windows, or in the differences of other OSes.

My big complaint about Windows 10 are all the apps it includes, some of which you have to pay for. I’ve disabled most of them for fear they’ll eat up bandwidth. It will also sync those apps to your phone if you give it any hint that you have a phone.

I can see how some people would like that. I don’t.

I didn’t have to pay for any apps when I installed 10. I also just completely ignore the 10 shell and start up a browser and go my merry way.

Again, you can change the shell to look and act like anything you want. ClassicShell (free) will do the work for you if you don’t want to sift through the myriad of options but you don’t have to keep the user interface in the default state. My Windows 10 computer looks and acts just like Windows 7 with added functionality. There is not a tile in sight.

The default user interface is not the operating system itself. I was not kidding when I said you can make it look and act just like a Mac as well if you really wanted to. It has customization options for almost anything you can think of.

I thought it was utterly ridiculous that I had to go to regedit just to get rid of the lock screen on my desktop.


clearing the “Lock Screen” is no different than pressing Ctrl-Alt-Delete on a password protected Windows 7-Vista-XP-2000-NT system.

For decades it has been known that the vast majority of users use defaults on computer software because they can’t figure out how to customize it.

I’m extremely frustrated. It’s still really buggy. Now my Windows 10 computer will take 30 seconds to launch a program unless it has been launched recently. It will just freeze with 100% hard drive activity. Firefox randomly locks up for similar amounts of time, Chrome is unusable, locks up every time you load a new tab (which is essentially launching a new program). Half the time the start menu or other Universal apps won’t pop up when you click it. Properties dialogs take forever. Live Tiles only update if you mess with them the mouse, meaning the weather is always out of date.

Ever since 1511, I’ve been unable to keep it from installing the Microsoft driver for my graphics card–which does not include OpenGL support. I was able to get it working in the earlier version after disabling automatic driver update, as well as blacklisting that specific update. I even tried lying and setting the old driver to appear to be the newer driver. But Microsoft “helpfully” installed the “newer” driver, when the old one works better.

And let’s talk about 1511. It was a full freaking update, that undid all the work I did setting the thing up. All my larger fonts were undone. Things I had disabled, like OneDrive, were turned back on. I already mentioned how it broke the driver updates. Oh, and it took 3-5 hours to update, just like installing Windows 10 in the first place. (So, no, Shagnasty, it’s not a one time thing. Expect it twice a year.) Then it took four more hours to get things back–minus the Microsoft driver which I eventually gave up on.

And it still has a problem with how it handles DPI settings. Now there are still windows that aren’t being resized, and so the text is extremely tiny. And to get the text on the Ribbon to be the right size, I have to make the menu text absolutely huge, just to get the Ribbon text to be legible. (They should be the same size, since ribbons replace menus.)

I also have not ever been able to get Internet Connection sharing working, and had to use a bridged connection, which means I can’t have my computers linked together but each use their own wifi cards for the Internet.

And don’t get me started on the forced restarts. It’s still ridiculous that they rolled out Windows 10 before fixing the need to restart for all updates (not counting Windows Defender). I thought that was the biggest problem before all this other crap. And I can’t use hacks that disable it, because I need updates to hopefully get all the stuff fixed.

Windows 10 was not ready for prime time, and still isn’t ready. And the update model makes me concerned it never will be ready.

My problems so far - got a Windows 10 computer two days ago - are mainly of the “Oh hell, how do you turn the rear wiper on?”. Like driving a new car. No other complaints, but I am also upgrading from Windows Vista PC with a dodgy mouse button.

I’m frustrated - because I don’t want it. At least, not the free version that doesn’t let me manage my own updates. But the notification won’t go away and I get those pop-ups occasionally. And I think it’s downloaded and taken up hard drive space without me instructing it to do so. Very irritating.

That is completely false. I am an IT professional with literally thousands of PC’s at my disposal. There are some issues like with anything of that nature but I can always find a way to either get the techs to work around it or just replace the hardware in question. Windows 10 is a very good operating system. If you can’t get it to work well for you, it is due to either your hardware or technical ability. Microsoft did a very competent job in building it well.

I hated the forced updates before I found out how to turn them off (there were hundreds of articles on the net that gave a method that didn’t work. What works is to disable Windows Update in Services). And since 1511, I hate that it won’t open my windows maximized. I have it set in the programs’ properties, but Windows ignores the setting.

I like that the start menu is more or less back, but I still don’t see what was wrong with Windows 7 to make them muck around with the interface so much. In fact, I still use Win7 in my VMs most of the time. I’m sure there’s stuff under the hood that isn’t obvious, but the only thing I like better about later versions than Win7 is that when you try to move or rename a file that’s open, it lets you close it and then retry, instead of just failing.

Other than that, I’m not using any of the “metro” apps, so I don’t know about them. I use a desktop PC, and I use desktop apps, period.

Not sure what you’re trying to say. On Win 7 I can immediately start typing in my password before the monitor even wakes up; on Win 10 it appears that it won’t accept any keyboard input until the monitor has woken up, at which point you have to clear the lock screen before starting typing. I’d guess it takes 6-10 seconds longer to log in that way, and it’s irritating to reflexively log in the Win 7 way only to discover that your effort was wasted because the lock screen was blocking the password screen.

Thank you several times for this bit of information.

Thank you ever so much for the info on how to disable the forced updates.

They screw me up terribly and I’m so very happy to be able to disable them.

In my case what I hated was that it was worse than Clippy when it came to file associations, as I was on cable and already had Classic Shell. But any time I opened a file type from a new program or through a different method it asked about file associations and offered to open it with another program:
open irfanview and then open a jpg: “do you want to associate this?” Yes pretty please; in fact, associate all pics. Kthxbye.
double click on jpg: “oh my stars and garters this is associated with IrfanView! You have other programs that can open it! Do you want to open it with IrfanView?” Yes you idiot “But are you sure? You have new! Snazzy! Programs that can open it!” Kiss my nonexistant dick and open the file, willya?
open Gimp, open jpg: “you have other programs that can open this! Do you want to open it with Gimp!” …

Is there a way to make that helpful moron shut the hell up faster?

Not really frustrated, but I don’t use it a whole lot. My main systems at home are all Macs, and I only use Windows 10 for a few things including development-related stuff. While Win10 is different than my workhorse Windows 7 (at work), I just don’t spend enough time with it to know whether or not I hate it. Mostly I still hate Office with a red hot passion.