Does youtube etiquete dictate that I subscribe to my subscribers?

I’ve had a few people subscribe to my channel lately (literally a ‘few’). After the second one I felt a bit flattered so I decided to subscribe to their channel. Immediately it occured to me that I should subscribe to all the other people who’ve subscribed to me. So I have just done that.

It then occured to me - should I have done this to begin with? Is it the done thing amongst youtube channel owners?

doh. missed one ‘t’ from etiquette.

I wouldn’t subscribe unless they are putting out material you are genuinely interested in. I’m subscribed to about 40 channels and I definitely have nowhere close to 40 subscribers. What I do like is when I subscribe to someone and they post a thank you for subscribing on my channel. Especially when it’s a channel that has oodles of subscribers, it makes you feel more appreciated.

I’ll do that too.

I don’t think it’s necessary unless, like Inner Stickler says, you’d want to anyway. A reciprocal subscription is just going to net you a lot of channels you aren’t interested in.

One of the people I thanked replied and wants to add me on steam. Wants to play black ops zombies with me (My youtube channel mainly deals with PC black ops gameplay)

All I can say or think at this point is… “Erm…”

Another semi-rhetorical question:

Does youtube dictate that you leave your ability to spell at the door on your way in?

Many of the comments on my own videos are atrocious. An example below…

“myns better there is three excitably the same (ly not by)”

Haha. I’m sorry to say that it’s probably a function of the material you put out. Video game material is going to attract teenage boys and other people with less than wonderful spelling.

In the last month or two, I have been getting dozens of subscribe requests. I don’t have any videos up. I don’t know why the spammers increased so much. I would think that you should make sure they are actually worth subscribing to before you click the button.