Doesn't anybody see the Irony

So there was a Fair in my neck of the woods about a week ago. One of the “attractions” was a “Get your picture taken with the stars of your favourite CTV shows”. In reality, you got your picture taken with a digital camera, and your body was quickie photoshopped onto a picture of the cast of that show. One of the shows offered was Law and Order (L&O) SVU.

Today, looking through the pictures, I noticed that a lot of people had their kids pose in the L&O SVU scene. Don’t these people realize the L&O SVU is a show that deals with the investigation of sexual crimes? And that often of the show sexual crimes against children are investigated. Why would they want to associate their children with the branch of a show that deals with sexual predators?

Well that was my whole post, it feels incomplete, but that is all I really wanted to say.

And said it very well.

This is part of the “GEE-WIZZ! THEY’RE STARS” syndrome.
I’ve never understood it.

I call irony abuse. Why is it any more ironic that they would pose their children with one set of people who investigate crimes than another? Not that I’d spend money on something like this Photoshop thing but given the opportunity I’d rather have my picture taken with Christopher Meloni than Jerry Orbach (there are all sorts of things I’d rather do with Meloni than Orbach but that’s fodder for another thread). The show he’s on doesn’t make any difference.

“Look honey, there’s OJ! OJ! Over here man! Big fan, OJ. Can I take a picture of you and my wife? It’d mean so much to me. You’re my hero, really. Thanks, OJ. OK, honey, get right in there and - hey OJ, how 'bout if you pretend to stab her to death, OK? No, really it’ll be funny, you just get in there and - hey, where you going, OJ? OJ? Hey, don’t walk away from me you a-hole! I hate you, OJ! I’m gonna tell all my friends what an a-hole you are!” :wink: