Doesn't anyone like Wishmaster?

It seems to me that all the critics, even those who like other gory horror flicks, HATE Wishmaster almost as much as Highlander 2. But why? I just saw Jason X, and I’ll tell you, Wishmaster is a hell of a lot better than that. Yeah, I know they’ve gone all the way to Wishmaster 4 by now, and everyone knows about sequel-itis. But how can any horror fan not like the original?[ul]
[li]A guy’s skeleton rips out of his body and attacks people at the beginning.[/li][li]Andrew Divoff has the most evil smile on his face constantly.[/li][li]“The only way you’re getting in here is through me, and I would LOVE to see that!”[/li][li]“God, I would LOVE to host a party like that!”[/li][/ul]

I know a guy named Kyle (whose greatest claim to fame is that his Sophomore year High School yearbook has “See Kyle! See Kyle! See Kyle!” written in it) who absolutely loved this movie. He spent a half hour going through the entire plot in his overly-excited way.

Sounded like my kind of flick. Unfortunately, I never see movies, even ones that I could rent.

Personally, I nominate the skeleton ripping out of the guy as the coolest, most imaginative movie death ever (hm, a possible thread in itself, right there), and some of the interpretations of the lines were clever, but that was it.

If nothing else, the movie suffers from sucky ending syndrome. She saves the day with the equivalent of “I wish none of this ever happened”?!!? Come on, there were episodes of Duck Tales that had better genie episodes than that. What a totally third grade ending. And after djinni has the line to the effect of “You think you can outsmart something that lived for thousands of years?” Sure didn’t take much.

Loved it. Agree with KKB about the ending, though.

But it’s almost made up for by the evil numminess of Andrew (well, while in human form anyway).

I dragged a couple friends to the theatre one night back in high school just to catch this flick, and the time was well spent.

This movie is just so delectibly terrible and sweetly cheezy we ate it up.

Laughed the whole way through.

Of course, a couple months back I rented the third (?) one and it was so bad I almost turned it off and threw it out the window.

Wishmaster was an awful movie, and this is coming from a die-hard horror film fan. It did have some excellent FX, and Andrew Divoff is yummy in the extreme, but the direction, the writing and the lead actress were all unbelievably bad.

I would SO do Andrew Divoff!

Yeah, Divoff was a pretty good villian, and the explanation of the “real” genie stories and his look was pretty good, but the lead actress looked like a grouper or one of those people who can bulge their eyes out. It was very weird.

The multiple horror actor cameos were fun too (the people who played Jason, Freddy, The Candyman, The Tall Man and that other guy from Phantasm; a pity the guy who did Pinhead couldn’t pop up) and the living statues were interesting.

I should probably mention that IMHO, the djinni was really dumb. He was pretty much omnipotent, short of the “somebody must express their desires” thing. How much trouble would it have been to basically “hire” somebody to wish what he wanted them to wish? That, along with similar concerns, bugged me quite a bit.