Doesn't Matt Gaetz HIMSELF look kinda like a Thumb?

That would be an insult to thumbs👍

This from a guy credibly accused of paying children for sex…

But they were presumably children who don’t look like thumbs.

Also, is “looks like a thumb” a known insult? Certainly nothing I recall hearing before.

Just when you think this Butthead look-alike can’t get any more reprehensible, Florida Man says “hold my beer.”

What a fucking asshole.

Human thumbs are the most useful finger! Just ask any chimpanzee.

He prefers his women to be lean like a pinkie, or a teenaged girl.

I’ve always thought he looked like Billy Graham’s secret side child.

Yes, that or some variation of it. No idea how old it is — I’ve maybe heard it for the last last ten or twenty years?

Well if Gaetz is using it can’t be all that old

Isn’t that just a rehash of an old George Carlin joke? (Something about how the women complaining about sexual harassment are the ones you wouldn’t want to f*** anyway… )

I’ve always called him “evil Donnie Osmond”.

The actual George Carlin quote was:

“Why is it that most of the people who are against abortion are people you wouldn’t want to fuck in the first place?”

I’ve heard about people looking like thumbs before. The only really accurate time I heard it applied was on “Mama June Shannon,” who is the mother of someone called “Honey Boo-boo.”

Whatever happened to this? It’s been months since I heard anything.

Also, this guy criticizing someone’s looks shows a total lack of self awareness. Just because you can pay underage girls to have sex with you, doesn’t mean they think you are attractive.

What was his audience’s reaction?

The sentencing of his buddy, Joel Greenberg, has been delayed repeatedly, apparently because Greenberg has been cooperating with prosecutors. He’s currently scheduled to be sentenced in December, though it’s been pushed back three or four times already.

I took a look at his wiki and he has a plea deal with an agreed upon sentence. Even the prosecutors have asked for delays:

On October 18, prosecutors also asked Presnell for the extension, stating that Greenberg was a “prolific criminal” who had made allegations that "take us to some places we did not anticipate

I’m always a bit leery of things like this, thinking that the defendant is stretching things out for his benefit.

It doesn’t sound like he’s going to get no jail time, so if prosecutors are willing to let him stay out of prison while he’s pointing them to other bad guys, it seems like a good tradeoff.

His plea agreement is the minimum, twelve years, from what I can see. I’m not certain if he is spending this time in a jail, prison or out on bail. He certainly has the family money to post any kind of bail.

I have two opposable thumbs, and both of them are opposed to Matt Gaetz.

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