"Dog Island" -- WTF??

Am I being whooshed here ??

From the FAQ:

So you can take a dog, dump him on the island, and hope he’ll eat by running down rabbits??

How STUPID an idea is this??? I keep looking for the punchline, but I haven’t found one. Yeah, some lady’s fat little shih-tzu* is going to catch rabbits to eat. R-i-i-ight. And when they get too old to run down rabbits, I guess they’ll just let them die, cuz that’s natural, right??

OH, and their products. Check out the “Empathy Leash.” It’s basically a leash with a clip on each end. You clip one end to your dog’s collar, and the other end to a collar you wear.

Jeezopete. Dumbass dickheads.

Looks like a classic web page hoax. “All dogs to be outfitted in thermal underwear made from rabbit hair” Heh.

Someone dredge up the kitten in a bottle link.


Actually, the shih-tzu isn’t supposed to be there. If you can find it, we’ll drop Dog Plissken on the island for a rescue attempt.

I saw that, and thought “Right. Rabbit hair.”

I’ll be happy if it’s a whoosh.

Definitely a whoosh…

And their employment inquiry email address is “Worklikeadog@dogisland.com”, not to mention this awesome tidbit:

A very good whoosh, but a whoosh nonetheless. :smiley:

What a relief. I thought it was a new reality show.

Ok, it looks like Snopes has an entry for it.

I wuz whooshed!

Just to keep this pit-worthy:

I pit the folks who put up web pages good enough to fool people like me (who ordinarily aren’t fooled by things like this)!!!