Dog Lovers: Soldiers and Their Dogs

Just saw this, and even though I’m not a huge Dog lover, it really struck a chord with me.

So I thought I’d share it with the rest of the dopers who actually DO go crazy nuts for their love of dogs and might get even more of a reaction out of it:
Dogs welcoming Home Soldiers

I ended up watching all the videos and by the end, yeah- no excuses, I was a weepy mess. Enjoy it, though have some tissues handy.

From an absolute dog lover, thanks so much for that.

despite the warning to have tissues handy, I did not and boy did I need 'em!

I luvs doggies and seeing how much they luvs their people just wrings my heart!

Doggies are the best people EVUH!

Oh my, that was one of the sweetest things I have ever seen.

Also regarding the last clip (surprising the kids), it proves to me that that Inside Edition voiceover guy can make *anything *sound skeezy…

IMHO the guys melting over the little dogs (the doxies and the terriers) were the cutest. SO ridiculous!

Love dogs! Love the way they go nuts when reunited with their families, but was I the only one who was getting annoyed by all the high-pitched baby-talk: “Is that daddy? Is that your daddy? Yes, it’s daddy! Is that daddy?”

I have two dogs, and no children. But that last video hits a hell of a lot harder than any of the previous ones did.

Yeah, I had to click pause on that last one.

All but one video was blocked for me here at work, but I have bookmarked this thread and I’ll look at it when I get home.

The one I did see made me tear up!

Yes, I didn’t know this was a common theme for Dog owners- do they really consider themselves “Mommies and Daddies”? I understand like best friend, buddy, even master, but the Daddies line just, struck me by surprise for some reason. I guess cuz my uncle and family never really considered their dog like a “son” and didn’t call themselves that.

I found it slightly amusing but really didn’t mind it as the emotions of the scenes really overwhelmed those silly comments.

Not at my house. We have pets in lieu of kids, but they’re still just our “best buddies,” not our children. We all just call each other by our names. :smiley:

I thought the first video was the best. So wiggly! Those excited yips! That was one happy dog.

Dammit, sir. I have something in my eye now and I don’t have dogs or kids.

I was away last year for an army training course in NS. I was gone for seven weeks (supposed to be 12) before they sent me home due to injury.

Being away from my six year old was the hardest thing I have ever had to do.

They brought her to the airport and told her that she was picking up someone from my Step-father’s work. I surprised her over by the indoor play structure. She was sitting beside my mom when I walked up and said, “Hi Baby…”

She looked up at me and I will never forget her face. in that one moment there was so much joy and I saw every second she had missed me in those beautiful brown eyes. She barely whispered. “Mommy…” and came over and collapsed against me.

We held each other, crying for at least ten or fifteen minutes, she just sobbed, saying over and over again how much she loved me. I just stroked her hair and held her. “I love you so much baby, so much…” I said.

My mom took a picture from when I was holding her. I can hardly look at it without tearing up…

That video of kids greeting their Dads brought that moment back, crystal clear.

Yeah, at least in my family they do. Not seriously, obviously, but our dog is part of the family. It’s said jokingly.

All those videos made me cry, and then I read your post and it made me cry again.

Good stuff, thanks for sharing ToeJam.

Dolly’s Mommy

Yup, joking titles. I also refer to our family’s ferrets as “the kits”, as that’s the term for a young ferret.