Dog or Cat?

Are you a dog or a cat lover. I’m just talkin about the little guys you see every day. I used to be a dog lover. Now I’m a cat lover. I spend 24 7 with my little cat, “Cat”. So, which are you?

This seems like it belongs in the IMHO forum.

But for the record, I like cats. They’re cuddly and squishy and purr.

I love them both, but will never be able to have a kitty because of Hubby’s allergies.


I used to be strictly a dog person. Until I got my first cat. Now I love them both, but only have cats since I live in an apartment.


Cats. I don’t own any, but I love them anyway.

I love them all. I’m going to be a Vetrinarian, so I guess that’s a prerequisite. I’m much more of a dog person though, for various reasons.

The first would be my slight alergy to cats. It’s not bad, and can be taken care of with medicine, but no need right now.

The second reason is that dogs are more loving than cats. This is arguable, but here’s my case. Picture this: You get home from work. The dog is at the front door as soon as the car hits the driveway. The cat is sleeping. You sit on the couch reading a good book. The dog is sitting with his head in your lap. The cat is kneeding its claws on your leather sofa.

I like cats, but they are solitary hunters. They want to be alone most of the time, and they sleep up to 18 hours a day. To me, this doesn’t make for a good house pet. They are great pets for people who live in the country, if they live outside and only come in occasionally.

Right now, I’m limited to keeping fish, because I’m renting. I’m planning on getting 2 Border Collies when I finally graduate and can afford them. Anyway, I’ve digressed. I’m a dog person, but I love all animals (except snakes).

Cats are evil, insidious little creaturs with too many sharp appendages.

And they make me sneeze.

A lot.

I do love dogs though. (By the way, I don’t consider anything whose adult size is less than 30 pounds to be a dog. Those little obnoxious yapping “dogs” are better suited to be classified as Yapus-annoyingus.)

Neither. I hate them both. Along with all other pets. Well, except pet spiders. Hey, you asked.


sniff :frowning:

Despite the handle, neither.

I love both cats and dogs,
but unfortenly I’m allergisc to cats.
Well dogs too(but, not as much as cats),
but poodle works, lucky for me.:):slight_smile:

Squishy? That’s animal cruelty :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, I think this is a Great Debate. The last few months at where I work were full of endless cat vs. dog arguments, arguments so eloquently stated that they put evolution vs. creationism to shame.

I ardently side with dogs. Both species can be very smart, but dogs offer unconditional love. They will be your friend in your darkest hour. A cat, on the other hand, will make you grovel for even a shred of its respect. Don’t fall for that, “Oh, a dog will love anyone. You have to EARN a cat’s respect” thing. Excuse me? So I have to conform to the standards of a cat? I think if we were all as open-minded as dogs, the world would be much better off. And as a college student, nothing cures homesickness more than having your dog jump on you as you come home after months away. (Miss you Mandy :frowning: )

Also, when was the last time you saw a seeing-eye cat? Obviously, this proves cats discriminate against disabled people.

Yes, I’m joking. But I really dislike felines.

I like cats better because if they misbehave, you can always feed them to the dog.


Dog. Loyal, intelligent. Also knows it isn’t “independent” - I feed and house her. I’ll go Friedo one better, though - really like at LEAST 50 lbs. Last two were 100+

Probably more a cat person than I dog person, I think, though I don’t have an aversion to either one. Good thing about cats is that as long as you feed them and let them out for the day/keep the litter box clean, they don’t demand your attention so you don’t have to feel guilty when you have to go work for 12+ hours for leaving them all alone. The good thing about dogs, though, is that when you’re having a bad day, they’re a little more likely to pick up on it and sit their head on your lap, just letting you pet all your troubles away on them. Just don’t let the really big ones bark anywhere near your hearing… it can make you deaf!!!


Dogs. Although I have no problem with cats (my reply in this thread is just my twisted sense of humor) circumstances prevent feline companionship.

Jeez, nowalls, TWO BC pups at once?!?! Our Anniedog is Australian Cattle Dog/Border Collie, and she was a handful at first. She ate things I didn’t think were eatable - like a sack full of aluminum cans and a phone and a couch. I wouldn’t give her up for anything, but next time I’ll know what to expect. Her housemate, a generic terrier mix half her size, only peed on the recliner a couple times.

I love dogs and cats (and horses and bunnies and fish…etc). Tygr gets worried I will try to put together a small farm at home. I have always had both dogs and cats as pets. I tend to favor dogs because they mind me better and have a little less attitude. They are more involved in my life. But, cats are hilarious to watch and I actually get a kick out of their attitudes sometimes. My brother had a cat whose attitude resulted in him using your bed rather than the litter box if you ticked him off (very bad).

My parents’ cat will curl up with you constantly if you let her. She is the most loving and attentive cat I have every met. She comes up to you and uses her paw to pull your hand to her. She is never stand-offish, which is unusual.

Tygr likes both, but is obviously a strong cat person, but his allergies disagree with that. Dogs don’t seem to bother him as much.

I, like Friedo, like big dogs also. I cannot handle barking because you can. I plan on getting a lab puppy and hopefully a short haired kitten once we move. The cat probably will have to live outside, but I will let her get big enough to defend herself first.