Dog Owners: Frontline or Advantix?

I have two hairy little muts, Bobby and Gideon, who are rather flea prone. Also, three indoor/outdoor cats, Skunk, Goldie and Cleo. I use Frontline Plus on all five animals, but during the hottest months it doesn’t seem that effective on the dogs. So now I’m wondering if Advantix is better.

So, Doggy Dopers, please share your experiences with these products.

My vet recomments Frontline but that could be just because they give her samples or whatever, I don’t know. We use Frontline on our dog and she has never gotten any fleas. She is mainly in our house and yard but we do take her camping a few times in the summer and also to a local dog park, for what it’s worth.

I have never tried Advantix but I would think it’s worth a try if Frontline doesn’t work for you.

There have been problems with Frontline being effective against fleas, and we’ve found it doesn’t work on our ticks here, either. If your only problem is fleas, try Advantage. It works beautifully against fleas. It doesn’t kill ticks, though.

Thanks, romansperson. We’ve found more ticks on our son than our dogs. Next round, we’ll try it!

I use a medicine called Revolution on my cat that is supposed to prevent not only fleas but also heartworms, roundworms, ear mites, and a host of other stuff. They have a dog formula too. It’s a little more expensive than Advantage but you don’t need to use a separate worm medicine (I ended up getting it after a $30 vet bill for worms). I pay $50 for a 6-month supply from I’ve never seen any fleas on him either, but then he is an inside cat.

The vet clinic I worked at sold frontline and advantix. Advantage is flea only, and is made by the same people (bayer) who make Advantix. Advantix also works on mosquitoes, which frontline does not. I really like Advantix, and it is cheaper than frontline. It is a newer formula than frontline, and fleas do become immune to formulas over time (which is part of the reason OTC flea stuff is mostly worthless). The Frontline comes in boxes of 3 or 6, advantix 4 or 8, I think. Anyway, if you’re having trouble with frontline, try advantix. Don’t give the dogs a bath 48 hrs before or after applying. Treat the yard and house, and re-treat after 3 weeks to get the newly hatched eggs.

Oh, and revolution is flea birth control; it makes them sterile when they bite the animal. It does not repel fleas or ticks, but helps control populations. If you are in a heartworm prone area and your dogs get heartworm prevention, that provides some protection from intestinal parasites, if you’re concerned about that.

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great discount! however, the site you provided is “under construction,” I hope they’re still in business.