Dog proof cat feeder

I’ve seen these in catalogs. But can’t seem to find it anymore. Google isn’t helping me either.

Basically, it’s a piece of furniture (end table size) that you can keep your cats food bowls in and the dogs can’t get to.

I think the ‘lid’ or top opened for us humans to access it, but the opening for the cats prevented a dog from getting to the food.

Anybody know where I can find something like this?

If you’re handy, I saw some great ideas that could be adapted for food bowls on this Ikea Hacker page. I like the one with the lattice-looking box, the last one on the page.

Here’s another idea, but not as pretty as the other box.

Yeah, the lattice box would probably work. I like that the lattice would let light in.

Can’t you put the food up on a high shelf?

Last week someone here posted a picture of their dog-proof cat-feeder that was basically a stand of shelves that reached the ceiling. Danged if I can find it now, tho.

A canine who was a professional at feeding cats would be a handy thing to have. Let me know if you find one, eh?:stuck_out_tongue:

Tried that. The 70lb Border Collie jumped up on a card table and put her front paws on top of a tall washing machine to get to it. Don’t know why the table didn’t colapse

Fixed title.

Found it.

And I Know why we didn’t by it.


I’m a programmer/home owner that just built a 2 story addition on my house. I’ve got the tools to make it. But it wouldl be 2x4s and decking. I am not a cabinet maker.

I suspect I will buy what Boscibo showed and retrofit.

Or just build a foot locker and cut a 6 inch hole in the side.

if there is a counter beside (or near) the fridge - put the food atop the ffridge - the cat can either jump tothe top of the fridge, or jump onto the counter, then the fridge. Let the dog try THAT! :smiley:

Otherwise, get one of those big plastic totes (“39 quarts!” 40! 60!) - use an utility knife to cut a 6" diameter hole in one end.

There is a container store in Denver that I may have to check out. But I think I would like something more ‘furniture like’.

Sequester a room for the cats. We use baby gates set so the cats can get through but the dogs can’t. For one room, the side of the gate leaves enough room for the cats. For another room, the gate is up off the floor – cats can go under.

In our old house, we had a room set so the door only opened wide enough for the cats to get through.

We have the exact opposite problem in our house - our cat eats the dog’s food.

We used to sort of do that. But really, I’m not going to close off a room just to feed two cats.

When we did, It was a piece of plywood with a hole cut in it. The dogs figured it out quite quickly.

I really liked the Hol storage cube that Boscibo pointed out (the lattice storeage box). But it does not seem to be available anymore.

I’ve also though of just a big plastic ‘tote’ suggested by usetobe. At least a clear one would let light in. But, my experience with them has been that the lid can be a bit of a pain to put on and off. Not really designed to do it every day. I’d like a lid that just flips up, in goes a cup of food and off to work you go.

If you place the tote under an end table, the lid would not be required - unless/until the dog figures out to push the tote out from under the table, you’re good.

And, the “under the table” bit kinda solves the 'make it look like furniture" bit!

My folks put a shelf just off to the side of the basement stairs up near the ceiling. Hard to describe…level with about the third step down. Kitty could walk out onto the shelf, doggies couldn’t. People access either from the stairs or from below, depending on accessing person’s height.