Dog Whisperer Needed for my Injured Whippet

My whippet was running at the park when another dog bit him without provocation. Now, my guy has stitches in his side, and he is taking pain meds and antibiotics.

He sleeps every night with my wife and I in our bed.

Last night, he plopped himself down in our bed and landed right on his wounds, causing him pain and a yelp.

Now, he thinks the bed did it and he won’t get back into our bed. I tried putting him back in our bed, petting him, talking to him, and offering treats. He sits there, shaking, heart racing, and all he wants to do is leave the room. Anywhere but the bed. Last night, he slept on a pillow on the floor next to the bed; so sad.

Thankfully, he does not think my wife or I hurt him. He is happy to be around us, just not in that bed.

He is very emotionally sensitive. How do I get our boy back in his rightful snuggle spot?

I would probably give him some time. Let his wound heal and let him settle down where he wants to. After some time, and after you know he won’t do the same thing to cause him pain, then start coaxing him back into it.

After a few weeks, you may find that he just forgets about it when nothing bad happens to him. If he’s still nervous, start lifting him into the bed when you go to bed. If he gets down, don’t press it. While he’s in the bed, praise him and pet him. He’ll probably get over it.

Poor puppy. I agree with fluiddruid; don’t force anything.

Dogs can be dumb, the poor dears. He knows he hurt while in the bed; now he thinks the bed will hurt him if he sets foot on it. When he’s recovered you can spend some time reintroducing him to it, and when it doesn’t hurt him again, he should come around.

Sorry, I can’t help you. Let me know next time a cat is hurt. :slight_smile:

(Here’s hoping puppy heals quickly and easily!)