Dogs have no common sense

My wife had to go out for a few hours today, so I left the 3 dogs together in our entryway. She came home, and we had tea on the deck, enjoying the beautiful Arizona weather. The dogs started to bark for their dinner, so we decided to feed them early, the big Chocolate Lab outside, and the two little ones Iggy and Andy upstairs. Once they had eaten, we let them outside to do their “business.” Everything seemed so normal.
Then, I looked over at Andy, and noticed that he had 3" of leash hanging from his collar.
Uh oh.
My wife has taken to leaving the two little dog’s leashes on, since they can be hard to catch. Well, Andy’s was mostly gone, and I went back into the house and looked for it, and it was clear that the only possible location was in either Iggy’s or Buddy’s stomach. I figured it was Buddy, since he’s a big dog, but Iggy is a chewer, so I took them both to the Emergency room. After spending 10 minutes filling out the virtual forms on my phone (COVID restrictions), I had them induce vomiting in Iggy.
No leash.
Next was Buddy, and the Vet tech brought out a lovely pile of dog food and leash, which she had re-assembled like an NTSB crash scene. She said it was a good thing I didn’t wait since there were some long pieces.
So, $284 later, they are both in good shape.
Until next time…

Glad to hear it all came out OK. Except for the wallet part of course.

In case you wondered whether cats are any better, there’s this gem from last week with lots of “Yeah, mine too…” stories:

Back when I was a kid we found a tangled strip of thin plastic hanging out of our Doberman’s anus. Parents gone, cellphones decades in the future, so we just waited and watched. An hour later it finished coming out along with a LOT of dogshit. Like a week’s worth.

He’d eaten one of the large plastic bags used for newspaper raincoats, so ~18" long and ~24" in circumference. It was still mostly one piece, so I wondered then and now how he swallowed it without choking to death right then and there. He normally wasn’t prone to chewing or eating random stuff, but once in awhile they remind you why you’re the owner and they’re the pet. Idjits the lot of 'em!

Amen to that.

Let me ask you, then, and anyone else who comes along, about what I raised in that thread. Kenny for a month or so would sit on my lap in a rather awkward position that he could not do elsewhere, and most times would dry heave 3 or 4 times. I never saw him do it anywhere else, and being home so much during the pandemic, I am never far from him. The very next time after he threw up the plastic, he did not dry heave at all and hasn’t since. I am not convinced, but it seems to me that plastic could have been there the whole time. In the other thread, I didn’t describe the plastic very well. Imagine an 18 inch piece of fettucine, but extremely thin and fragile.

I am not a pet owner since childhood and not a medical anything either. So my credentials are non-existent.

But your description sounds exactly like I’d expect a critter to act if the plastic had been in there the whole time he was pulling the dry heaving in the lap trick. I’ve dealt a smidgen with humans with partial and total bowel obstructions. The symptoms are distinctly different, but you can sorta see it from there.

You may not have convinced yourself, but FWIW, you convinced me.

Next time he dry heaves in your lap, time for a drive to the vet.

The things you mentioned sounded reasonable to me. So I did a different (better?) online search and found out that it is not uncommon for a cat to keep something like this down for a month or more. So between that and you, I am as convinced as I could be. I will do as you advise on the next dry heaves. Thanks.

Sound like the problem is that the dogs need some socializing & training. Who’s the idiot.

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I’m gonna guess that this thread needs more examples of dogs lacking common sense and to that end, I’m gonna point y’all to two excellent examples of the same courtesy of the amazing Allie Brosh:


Dogs Don’t Understand Basic Concepts Like Moving


:laughing: I love Hyperbole and a Half!

My family’s dog ate one of my dad’s leather cowboy boots. Everything from the ankle up! She ended up needing (expen$$$ive) surgery to remove it all but she’s perfectly fine now!

Thanks for the laughs!
Those were great.

My dogs got common sense, and learn new stuff all the time. I take them running everyday. I drive the Jeep, they stay out front and follow the dirt trails. Well, they would bound out into the sage brush, and once nearly got et by a coyote. So, to keep them all together, I rigged up a 4-way leash, and hook em all up together. The bigger, older dog knows the routine and keeps all the others on the ‘straight and narrow’. Here’s the thing, though. They quickly learned they need to all stay on the same side of bushes and rocks to keep from getting hung up and stuck. It’s amazing to watch 5 dogs (we added another one, and she sticks to the others like glue) zipping thru rocks and sage, like a single unit. A choreographed dance, almost.

They do shit everyday that amaze me. But I won’t bore you with them. Little hairy geniuses.

Fair enough, thanks. It was intended more as a reprimand to bring awareness rather than an insult. Most behavioral issues in dogs can be traced to the owner(s). Likewise, most can be overcome quite easily if an owner is willing to spend the time & have some patience.

Labrador retrievers are intelligent dogs and can be trained to perform complex tasks, but at the same time may be notably lacking in common sense. I had one who on two separate occasions managed to get ahold of and swallow socks (once requiring surgical intervention).

My neighbor’s dog was barking at me again so I decided to bark back at it for once. Wonder how dogs interpret that?

Yes, it means I’m the one without common sense.

I don’t know that’s so un-sensible. I’ve shut up more than one small yappy dog that way.

I figure they just think our accent is so thick they can’t quite make out what we’re trying to say. But they can recognize “angry” or “threatening” coming out of something 10x their size. Just like we can get the import of the yabbering we hear on cellphone vids of disasters, car crashes, etc., from other countries, despite not speaking a word of whatever language that might be.

I recall a blog series by a guy who raised rabbits. Rabbits are fairly social creatures who communicate mostly via body language and ritualized “dance moves”. He said, and demonstrated, that despite humans and rabbits being very different shapes and sizes, pretty quickly your rabbit could see through your “accent” and get the import of your moves just as if you were another rabbit. Maybe he was crackpot, but it didn’t seem so.

Been there, done that. My then one-year-old lab liked to pick up rocks from my driveway and play with them. One time, she tossed one in the air and, apparently, inadvertently swallowed it. When she vomitted up foamy water the next day, I was pretty sure I knew what had happened. Yes, that was an expensive little trip to the emergency vet. Fortunately, I caught it very early and there was no need for a bowel resection. It could have been so much worse. Oddly enough, her interest in rocks waned signifcantly after that. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

With a lab I would have thought it would have been at least another trip or two to the vet before the ‘rock not food’ message sunk in

As a counterpoint to this thread, dog owners sometimes lack common sense, otherwise I would not have fed Pluto a special Thanksgiving meal including white and dark meat turkey, stuffing, baked and sweet potato and moussaka.

Fortunately I had just enough sense to make all the portions small, so he has not yet experienced any gastric upheavals.*

*even more sensibly I omitted steamed turnips from his dinner bowl, which likely would have provoked an epic outbreak of canine gas.

The nice people from the Geneva Convention might have had something to say about chemical warfare treaty violations had you not. Good move!

I still get grief from my GF about the time I let the dog have a pickled radish that fell out of the Pollo Asado takeout container. “She loves asparagus ends. How much different could a radish be?”

We found out. Good call not letting your dog eat any turnips.

The saddest part was, each time she farted, she’d glare accusingly, then helplessly, over at us. “Why are you touching my butt? Make it stop, human…” And so on.