"Dogs walk with doughnuts on their tails"

A Romanian friend of mine told me that there was a saying in Romania: “In America, dogs walk with doughnuts on their tails”. It’s a neat variation of “streets paved with gold”. Is this a real saying or was he pulling my paw - I mean leg? If it is real, how wide-spread is it?

I’m not sure how they can say such a thing, when the streets of Bucharest are covered in wild dogs. They roam in packs. I bet they have more dogs than we have doughnuts.

I don’t know if it is a common saying in Romania, but perhaps it comes from this scene from Disney’s version of the 12 Days of Christmas, in which Pluto has five donuts on his tail to represent the “five gold rings”.

That’s wild that you found that Fear Itself, but if I am reading the page correctly, it is only from 2002. Anyone know of an older reference?

That picture is actually of a commemorative pin from the animated short (the only graphic of that scene I could find). The pin was made in 2002, but the short is was released in 1994, though I am not sure if that just refers to the VHS release or the production of the animation, which may be much older.

Homer Simpson would be very, very happy.

My brother’s dog would be sending doughnuts flying everywhere, as she has a nice waggly tail! Bella the Puppy! Bella now!

I asked a Romanian through the magic of the intarweb. His response:

To answer the OP directly, yes, it’s real, it pre-dates Disney, and is widely known in Romania.

It’s true, by the way, but we don’t eat them. Who wants to eat a doughnut that’s been bouncing on a dog’s ass all day?