Dollhouse 1/8 "Holy Crap!" (spoilers inside)

OK, so that’s not the title, but it definitely had some big moments.

Spoilers below:

Wait. So Boyd is the head and has been “evil” since the beginning?

That was a good one. We’ve all been wondering who Clyde was but it turns out he was just a red herring. And I knew something bad was gonna happen when Saunders and Bennett were talking.

Man, I’m gonna need a while for this one to process. Felt like an episode of Lost.

I don’t think so; his actions throughout the series indicate otherwise. But I think it’s probably there are factions fighting over where Rossum is going and that Boyd didn’t have to power to stop it. Either that, or the issue wasn’t exactly Rossum, but what others would do with the technology.

I was very amused with the college named Tucson Institute of Technology, though. :wink:

But the show is really rolling. I wish they could have been that way all this season.

LOL I didn’t catch that. Funny.:smiley:

If Boyd is the big bad and is the creator of Rossum as was implied in the episode. (I didn’t see next weeks promo my sister changed the channel the SECOND credits rolled)

So if he really is evil (I don’t want to accept it!) and he knew Echo/Caroline was special, does that mean that it’s his fault that Alpha became Alpha because that’s what turned Echo into
Echo or is the Echo we know just a coincidence?

Because, if he wanted Echo to become Echo they’re must have been an easier way than well… what happened with Alpha.

Clyde sounded like Topher. But we know that Topher isn’t a doll, so somehow Boyd downloaded Topher’s personality without him knowing. How did he do that? And who figured out the tech originally? Clyde claimed that it was him, but who really knows.

What had we known of Boyd’s past? I thought his “story” was that he was a former police officer or secret service kind of guy.

IIRC, Ballard inferred that Boyd was a former cop by the way he acted when they were together at the end of the first season. I don’t think that there’s been confirmation other than that.

Yeah, Boyd’s always been the most mysterious person on the show. No idea where he came from or why he started working for the Dollhouse.

My WTF moment was Saunders drilling Bennett.

WTF? :eek:

This is an interesting choice of words, considering all the lesbian tension in this episode.

And :eek: at Boyd being the big bad. Two episodes is not enough.

I thought that was a brilliant moment.

I can honestly say I’ve never seen a show improve so much after getting canceled.

I think that’s a stretch. Clyde sounded like Topher because their dialogue was written by the same person, writing for roughly the same archetype - brilliant slightly-unsocial nerd boy.

BEST episode of the entire season, and I say that as someone who though the last couple of episodes kicked a lot of ass. I loved that the episode introduced a new twist before every commercial break. Every time this happened, my jaw literally dropped open!

This cracked me up.:stuck_out_tongue:

So, basically there is only one more episode to show us what happens to our favorite characters, or at least only one more to observe them directly.

The finale will return us to the future, including 14 year old Caroline(well, body of a 14 year old) and some non-imprinted individuals.

I hope they are able to find a colony of non-imprints and that Echo is there or something.

Noticed another Firefly shout out – with the reference to River (can’t remember the character man) being able to kill with her mind.

OK, so I didn’t see any of that coming. Why did they wait for it to be canceled to make it good?

It takes time to tell a good story. Not all good stories give you the big payoff right from the start; the best ones don’t. Part of why this story has gotten good is that time was taken to set it up properly.

Patience with good story-telling is not a known trait of most television programming. As you know, FOX meddled with the first season, and fouled up the “hook” that was intended all along.

When they focused on the story, the episodes were good. When the focused on the “active’s assignment of the week” the episodes sucked. There were enough of the latter that I was already getting bored with Dollhouse when they announced the cancellation.

My first though: “Wow, she must really hate Topher.”