Dolly Parton at Kennedy Center.

I just saw this photo at the Washington Post’s website:

Many celebrities, including Dolly Parton.

I have never seen Ms. Parton look so awful. I say this, not to snark, but to express sympathy and dismay.

I know she’s open about having had plastic surgery, but before now I’d always thought she’d had good plastic surgery. Is it just this photo? Please say it’s just this photo.

Oy. That is awful.

I still love Dolly, whatever she looks like.

Too much plastic surgery - even good plastic surgery - is not a good thing.

Also - she IS getting older and eventually that’s going to have an effect no matter what else she does.

That said, I’ve seen other recent pictures/videos of her and, I’m sorry to say, it’s all pretty much the same. In other words, no, it’s not “just this photo”.

God, she looks like the victims of Smylex Gas in Batman. :frowning: :eek:

Ha! When I first saw the photo I told my coworker, “It looks like she fell into the vat of acid right after the Joker climbed out.”

If the surgeon pulls the face any tighter she’ll have a goatee.

I think she’d look okay if she weren’t looking so very thin these days. In other words, perhaps she’s aged past the sell-by date on her surgery and is a “sinker” rather than a “sagger”. I just hope she feels well, I don’t care what she looks like.

Kinda surprising, because I don’t remember her looking like that when she performed at the Oscars earlier this year… :frowning:

“Hi, I’m Steven Spielberg, and I brought the villain from my latest movie with me to pick up my award!”

To be fair, I think Smokey Robinson has had some major work done too.


Yeah, but he’s not nearly as scary looking.

Looks like she’s moving into Michael Jackson territory to me. Sad. She was such a beautiful woman, and now she looks like a clown.

I think that she’s in anorexia territory. That’s the first thing that jumps out at me. She has no meat on her at all.

Yes. Seeing a woman’s ribs around her sternum always makes me a little uncomfortable.

Looks like instead of an honest-to-Og facelift she opted for cheek implants and lip puffing. Dolly - white women aren’t supposed to have lips like that!

I think if she’d just tone down the makeup a bit it’d make a world of difference.

So who’s the person in the bad Dolly Parton mask in the middle of the picture?

I guess she’d rather look like that than a woman in her 60s.

I was watching a video of her from the 80s shortly after her Best Little Whorehouse days and while she can’t help aging she looked SO much better and SO much healthier when she had a little bit of chubbiness going on all around her body. She is clearly not a woman who is meant by nature to be thin (not saying she should be fat, but some cushioning looks natural on her) and I hate that such an incredibly and uniquely talented person (because I think she is a one of a kind national treasure- I LOVE DOLLY) feels the need to bow to that type of social pressure.

I’ve read that she’s had her breasts reduced in recent years due to back problems and now wears padding. Does anybody know if this is true?

I was also surprised to hear her singing with Porter Wagoner on her recent Those Were the Days CD. I knew they weren’t at each other’s throats anymore (hard to really have a feud with a celebrity you eclipsed 30 years ago) but I didn’t realize they were buddies again. I’m not sure if I could do that with a guy who wiped me out financially the way he did her (though she’s certainly recouped the million or so she paid him a hundred times or two over the decades).

PS- The last time I saw her in concert was when she was promoting Those Were the Days, her first album of all covers (to my knowledge- I’m sure I’ll be corrected if I’m wrong). She told the story of how whenever the songwriter was still alive she asked them to perform duets of their work and how nice and accomodating they all were- Kris Kristofferson, Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam and even Yoko Ono all agreed (though Yusuf and, God be praised, Yoko only do instrumentals on the album)- with one exception.

“There was one who wasn’t too sweet about it… said somethin’ to the effect of his career’s not in bad enough shape he has to sing with a joke like me just yet… I won’t mention his name. But if you’re wonderin’ why I sing solo on Blowin’ in the Wind that’s why…”

It was uncharacteristically but delightfully snarky from a woman usually believed to have a heart as big as her… um… cardiovascular cavity. And the audience was pretty anti-Dylan that night; the story was being retold on cell phones in the parking lot. (Hard to believe Dylan would call anybody a joke- great songwriter and all, but c’mon, I’d as soon hear Dolly sing a duet with the late Lee Marvin.)