Dolly Parton at Kennedy Center.

But he appears to have taken his mama’s advice to “shop around”.

I once read an article on Dolly where the writer followed her around for a day or two. They had dinner in a very expensive restaurant, where Dolly ordered a fancy liver and onions dish, and requested special instructions in how she wanted it cooked.

“Uh, I don’t think the chef’s going to like that”, the waiter cautioned her.

“I don’t give a shit”, Dolly replied sweetly. “It’s his job and my money”.

It reminded me of stories of George Washington swearing a blue streak at his troops – the fact that he almost never expressed anger at anyone made people really sit up and take notice when he did.

But Dolly’s wigs look better than his. :smiley:

Porter and Dolly always had a curious relationship. He wiped her out financially. Then, when he fell on hard times, she bought his song catalog for an inflated price. After he was back on his feet, she sold it back to him cheap. But when all those transactions were going back and forth, sometimes they weren’t even speaking to each other.

I wish Dolly had just let herself age gracefully.

Jeez. If someone held a gun to my head and asked me to pick, I think I’d rather do Spielberg.

She looks like the illegitimate daughter of Ronald McDonald.