What did Meg Ryan do to her face?

On the cover of that stalwart and upstanding newspaper, The Star, is a picture of Meg Ryan. I can’t find the photo on-line, but if someone has seen it, please reassure me the picture was photoshopped and she did not. . . butcher her face with plastic surgery.

Here’s a picture. The one in The Star is even worse.


From the link: “I think she has also had cheek implants, her face looks rounder in the second photo.” Maybe she put on some pounds? Isn’t that a little more likely?

Are we sure that second photo is really her?

That’s just not right. I’d wager the second pic has been altered or it isn’t her. If it is, I hope her surgeon has good insurance.

That second picture looks like Melanie Griffith.

Trout lips.

Not even good ones. God she looks awful. Who in the world ever told her that would look better?

She looks perfectly…and not even perfectly…horrible. What was once cute is now…well, I’ll let you know when they invent the word.

She wasn’t even that adorable to begin with…but was way cuter than that! Why would anyone think a warped, over-inflated mouth is prettier than the natural one? Gah.

Her lips look like they’ll explode if you touch them. Why would she do that? She was still looking pretty damn good.

That’s not her. Different eye shape and color. Different nose.

I saw that in the grocery store line today too, Biggirl. Maybe it’s their Halloween issue.

The photo is so bizarre that I just assumed it was fake - along the lines of Batboy or The Human Head Transplant. This is really too small to see just how frightening it really is, but you get the idea. Sort of.

Here’s another pic. The second one looks more like Meg.

It looks like she’s wearing the same thing in both of those “after” pictures. Which may or may not mean anything.

Damn, she looks terrible. I always believed her face had a kind of cuteness to it, but not anymore.

If it is MR, she looks botox’d.

I’m with Scylla on this one. The eyes in the “before” and “after” pictures don’t seem to match.

Those lips do not in any way go with her delicate facial features.
She was aging gracefully before.
Another slave to the Hollywood machine.

OK, I broke down and purchased The Star. Inside they have a multiple “after” shots. They’ve got her at the Toronto Film Festival and. . . lordamercy, it looks like she’s had even more done.

[url=“http://www.nypost.com/entertainment/3296.htm”]The New York Post** gossip page is talking about Meg’s “botched” plastic surgery.

The Star has her quoted as loving her new look. It looks like that’s really her.

The link and a warning: Preview!
They should have a “preview” button at the plastic surgeons office.

Here’s a more attractive photo from the Andrew Anthony column in last Sunday’s Observer, which directly comments on the lip changes, as well as her upcoming movie In the Cut.