Dixie Carter Looks Like The Joker


I love this lady and have had fantasies about her, but some women (maybe most) ought to leave plastic surgery alone.



Well, she’s 71 years old now, so things could be a lot worse.

She actually doesn’t look that bad. I was expecting way worse. I’m looking at you, Melanie Griffith.

Well, as the “Sexiest Woman Alive,” according your title, I bow to your authority…

I do appreciate that, but you know, sexy is not a look. It’s all attitude, baby.

Man, there’s no going gentle into that good night for her, is there?

I dunno; I’m not sure her face could be stretched any tighter. No, wait, I take that back - it could be Joan Rivers tight. I really hate what older ladies are doing to their faces these days - I look at my mom at 67 (almost 68), and she looks just fine to me. Sure she’s wrinkled - she earned every one of them.

Is that Michael Jackson’s nose on Joan River’s face?

The only thing I see wrong with Melanie Griffith is the lips. She just looks 52. I wish I looked that good (minus the odd lips; I’ll keep my thin pale ones).

I don’t know about Dixie Carter. Yeah she’s probably had a lot done, but she has those gaunt cheeks like my grandmother had at that age and my grandmother didn’t have any work done. People get old.

Hahaha! I was just thinking that when I saw that picture!

Well, it’s not like he’s been using it for a while.

Also check out the current Heidi Fleiss, currently appearing on “Celebrity Rehab.” While I never thought of her as attractive, she certainly wasn’t bad looking, but she, too, seems to be going the way of The Joker.

I see your Melanie Griffith and raise you Mamie Van Doren

I hate that cheekbone implant look that all the actresses seem to be getting now.

Wow, that’s a classy look.

Dude, if those are implants (and I suspect they are). They’ll be around LONG after Mamie bites the big one (so to speak).

We’ll probably see the History Channel do a “Life After People” on those things.



Hey don’t you be hatin’ on the Mamie! She’s almost eighty in that photo!
She just happens to be carrying two slightly veiny flesh colored balloons in front of her is all!

Slightly off topic, but I always thought Cameron Diaz, with that big, Cheshire Cat grin of hers, looked somewhat Jokerish.
Regardless, I still think she’s pretty hot.

Well, better to be “Hatin’ on da Mamie”, than “Honkin’ On The Bobo”.

(I KNOW that’s an Aerosmith tune, or something? Right? Well, in Germany, when I grew up, my “bobo” was my ass, and I admit, quite openly, I don’t know what in the HELL made me write this other than “hatin on the Mamie” just came up on what passes for my “radar” these days, ah reckon! ;))


Holy COW!