Dolphin Water Rings - Fer Real?

These from YouTube:

Is this CGI or for real?

(For those unable to access YouTube the clips show dolphins playing with what appear to be “smoke rings” except made of vortices under water - looks great but surely its fake?)



Bubble ring generators:

It’s for real.

Yeah - it’s actually surprisingly easy for dolphins to manipulate air bubbles underwater, they can produce the air bubbles themselves, and have plenty of fins, muscle power, and speed for manipulation.

From what I understand (secondhand) it works by blowing an air bubble into the vortices created by their fins, and that’s why it’s so easy for them to get a ring shape.
… oh, yeah, and a lot of time on their hands…

Yeah, it’s real. People consistently underestimate the intelligence of dolphins.

And the veracity of images/video on the net.

Dolphins might blow bubble rings for fun, but hunchback whales do it to catch fish.

How do they get the fish up to the bell tower?

Fer real, sez Scientific American in a very nice article a few years ago.

Dolphins have hands?