Is This Dolphin Creating Art? With Link & Photo.

OK, you really really need to read the link to understand this–

The photo is amazing. :cool: :cool: :cool:

Are the physics of this right?

Dopers–is this BS?

If not BS, is this Dolphin creating Art?

Wahhh! I want video. That sounds exceptionally cool.

Is it art? Dunno–I think you’d have to get into what makes something ‘art’, and that, as I recall from my aesthetics course in college, is far more slippery than any dolphin.

Well, it’s either “art” or “play”, it seems. It’s intentional, repeated behavior with no porpoise.

(ow! Ow! Stop hitting me!)

But I can’t even figure out what’s art when it’s humans doing it.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

Sounds to me like the cetacean equivalent of blowing smoke rings.

Cool Article, thank you for sharing. I wouldn’t call it art. I would call it creative play.
It reminds me of the Orcas that lure seagulls with fish.
The various Members of the Dolphin family keep surprising us with the abilities they display to us.


I saw a news report a few weeks back of a small whale in a japanese aquarium who did something similar… I don’t know if it’s art, but it’s sure nifty.

It’s not art, it’s science. The critter is doing experiments in vortex dynamics. “Publish or perish” rules the undersea world too.

Here’s one video I found:

Looks like play, not art.

I imagine if young dolphins could light their farts, they would. :slight_smile:

I remember seeing video of a guy who’d lay on the bottom of some shallow bit of the Caribbean with his scuba tank and blow air rings. The dolphins would watch them rise to the surface, then come back down to see him do it again and again. I didn’t know they could do it themselves. Cool.