"Dom" Revisited; a little Fandango.


Maybe you’ve seen it. Me? Oh, probably a coupla dozen times or so. It’s without question my all time favorite coming of age movie. Plus, the director is an old family friend and it’s based on some of his college experiences where I also happened to attend, so lots to love. And there’s the quotes…

*PHIL: “Where’s your car?”
GARDNER: “You’re drinkin’ it.”

PHIL: “You mooned my parents?”
GARDNER: “They’re from New Jersey, Philip… they’ve seen butts before.”

GARDNER: “Como se llama yo mama…”

PHIL: “You are the most irresponsible person I have ever met”
GARDNER: “Well, somebody had to be.”*

This past week, we did the spring break thing near Big Bend in a sleepy little town most have probably never heard of, Lajitas. My buddy and I used to party in Lajitas when there really was only two buildings, so it’s grown a bit, but still is just as rugged and beautiful as ever in that marvelous, high desert way.

Extra special though is that a mere 13 miles to the north lies the Gruvers destination in the show.

The DOM Rock.

I figured the time was right to take the wife and daughter over to visit the shrine, althought I had some real reservations, some real fears that, given it’s a bit of a cult movie, there was a chance the place would be as covered with graffiti as Jim Morrison’s grave. So, with a bit of trepidation, we followed the Rio Grande and FM170 north out of town.

I am very pleased to report, fellow Gruvers, that although there were several well worn paths from the road, all obviously from adoring fan traffic, there was not a speck of paint nor trash to be found. All there was was the rock, the loose dirt beneath where he was first buried, and a newer 1985 Cuvee Dom Perignon box reinterred by a more recent visitor.

We left a cork of our own, albeit Korbel, and though I scampered out upon the thin, high ledge from which Gardner launched his bottle, just reflected a bit, enjoyed the spectacular scenery and carried our bottle out with us. T’wernt no place to litter.

So, if anyone’s interested, yeah, Dom’s doing just fine. As Dorman might say, he’s having a nice life… a very nice life indeed, the old brut.

Great movie, and I envy your pilgrimage to Dom. I’ve often thought of trekking out there myself, and just might someday.

*I’m not a weenie!

I know you better than you think…

Gimme three chili dawgs, and a mawlt.

We’re not tryin’ to expand their minds, Philip.

No more quarters.


Don’t I know you?
You used to.*

**lieu **- I must shame-facedly admit that I have never *heard *of this movie, much less seen it.

Can you give a quickee overview - or post a description?

I went to the IMDB and clicked on Plot Summary and all I got was the plot summary…apparently in Italian.

I know of Kevin Reynolds - he and Costner collaborated on Dances with Wolves, Robin Hood and Waterworld, right? I bet you have some stories to tell…

My all-time, absolute favorite line from the movie:

“How we gonna stop?”

Whenever I’m on a roadtrip with my friends, and our car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and some idiot comes up with the idea of attaching a cable to the broken-down car and using it as a tow-rope off of a passing freight train, I can’t help but remember those words.

Sure, WordMan. You’d love the soundtrack too. Five college buddies blow their draft deferment through academic insolvency and with either S.E. Asia or Canada looming head west for one last Fandango.

Pronunciation: fan-'da[ng]-(")gO
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural -gos
Etymology: Spanish
1 : a lively Spanish or Spanish-American dance in triple time that is usually performed by a man and a woman to the accompaniment of guitar and castanets; also : music for this dance
2 : a foolish act.

What follows is a road trip of magnificent proportions, of individuals coming to grip with who they are and their responsibilities both to themselves and to others, all interspersed of course with some pretty hilarious situations, as Lightnin’ mentions. It’s loosely based on Reynold’s college experiences and in the DOM picture you can just make out his “DOM” scratchings on the rock above, circled in red, from his original trip.

Heh, McNew, “Does that mean I get my fondue set back?” and “Gimme three chilli dogs and a malt” were two of my favorite situational quotes.

Hmm - I should check this out. Thanks!

What’s on the soundtrack?

Blind Faith, Steppenwolf, Carole King, Pat Metheney, Elton John and others singing Badge, It’s Too Late, Spooky, Farmer’s Trust, Born To Be Wild, Can’t Find My Way Home and more. Timely and well-paired. When they’re roof surfing to Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting, well, it’s just too good.

Okay - I really do have to check this out…

There’s some Los Lobos too and others I didn’t know but that were very appropriate.

You can’t miss it, it’s the tallest hill in the area and there’s a nice place to pull over and park. We looked up after getting out and there were four full curl Rocky Mountain BigHorn Sheep right above us.

Here’s the thin ledge and the Rio.

Thank God I’m not the only one who loves this movie.

I am so envious you got to visit Dom.

Great movie. Great lines. The ending reminded me of the children’s book “Stone Soup.” I think this has one of the most romantic endings I have ever seen. Ima guy BTW. Truman Sparks to the rescue!

i had to see the movie several times before I realized the accountant student was drunk/passed out pretty much the entire movie.

I know this is a revived zombie thread, but ddamn I love this movie! Without a doubt my favorite coming-of-age road trip movie as well. Excellent cast, excellent dialogue, excellent soundtrack… it’s as close to a perfect movie as there is, IMO.

ETA: WordMan, did you ever get a chance to see it?

I agree with all of your post, but had to say: this is one of the best things about the movie.

“Looks fast, Truman.”
“It’s the stripes.”

Saw this more times than I can count.

“There’s nothing wrong with goin’ nowhere son. It’s a privilege of youth.”

Favorite Costner movie after Bull Durham.

Judd Nelson’s finest effort.

Nelson’s Phil Hicks was so far from Bender in The Breakfast Club (from the same year), it’s hard to believe it’s the same actor.

I love how they turn a single folding card table into a townwide wedding.

*You fellas drink beer?

Well… yes, on occasion.*