Domestic Abuse Case... *Law*


  • A friend of mine is currently involved in an Domestic Abuse case.

  • The night of the occurrence, the 2 involved got into an arguement, resulting in the victim calling the police.

  • This couple is a male/male couple…living in Toronto, Canada.

  • The Victim wants the case Dropped, and in turn go to therapy with the accused…as was previously planned & accepted by both parties.

  • The law is stating that the Victim has No choice because the charges were laid by the police the night of the arrest.

  • The charges are: 3 charges of Minor assault.

  • Is there ANY way for this case to be dropped??

  • The victim is Not scared for their life in any way, they know that nothing would ever happen again concerning abuse in their relationship…They would like to reconcile.

  • Is there ANYTHING that can be done to have this case dropped???
    Thank you,

  • afrp0

I don’t think so. It’s out of the victim’s hands now.

Since this is a question about a specific legal case, the general answer you will receive on this board is to find a lawyer who is licensed to practice in your jurisdiction. You are unlikely to get detailed, accurate legal answers on a message board and if you did, you shouldn’t rely on them.

Correctamundo. The OP crosses the line between asking for information about the law an asking for case-specific legal advice. Normally I hand out links to a couple of websites where one can get legal advice from a licensed attorney, but I don’t know of any in Canada. If I find out about any, I’ll get them to you afrp0. In the meantime, I’m sorry, but I have to close this thread.
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