Domestic terrorists take aim at health care reform

Democratic offices vandalized across the country

I wonder what it takes to get the attention of the FBI.

The lunatic fringe. So they break windows now, and start shooting later?

In before someone tries to pull some sort of equivalency crap.

Didn’t you get the memo? That stuff’s Mainstream GOP now.

Repeal the 17th amendment:

Who is actually stupid enough to commit an act of vandalism because some blogger told you do?

Seriously, can we PLEASE just give Texas back to Mexico? Please?

I dunno. Try me.

And Squink, what the fuck is that about? Is that guy suggesting that if state legislatures chose senators instead of the unwashed masses, we’d return to the idyllic days of the nineteenth century? Man, and I thought Starving Artist was nuts.

A Tea Partier?

The same sort of poor people who vote against their best interest by voting Republican. The same sort of bigoted people who actually think that letting same sex couples marry is some kind of threat despite being unable to articulate what that threat is when asked. The same sort of religious people who think their religion is the One True Faith, and don’t see the similarity of their attitude with all the other people who have their own One True Faith. And on, and on; the majority of the Right is composed of the stupidest, most gullible, most irrational people in the country. The rest being the people who use the stupid ones as tools.

I think that’s what the congressman is shooting for. Some of the stuff that’s come out recently seems to defy parsing.

We’d be looking at a Senate with 64 Dems if the State Legislatures appointed Senators. Not sure how the GOP Congressman thinks this is going to help his party.

ETA: As to the OP, this does seem like the kind of thing the FBI could come down hard on if they were so inclined. An organized effort to vandalize political offices does seem to be walking pretty close to the line regarding terrorism.

C’mon, that’s not fair. Y’all have Bill Posey, after all.

Fair enough, how about if we ship Bill to Texas and then cede it to Mexico? It’s a win/win!

Militia leader calls for massive window-breaking campaign? This is great news! Replacing all those windows will have our economy up and humming in just a couple weeks!

I’m going to join the Bastiat Sons of Liberty Irregular Don’t Tread on Me Avenger Minutemen and do my part.

I said it in another thread, and I’ll say it here. These guys don’t have the balls to do anything more than break windows. As soon as they realize that getting shot at is no fun, their dreams of revolution will evaporate.
Personally I’m surprised most of these troglodytes are evolved enough to have the opposable thumbs needed to operate modern firearms.

Sounds eerily familiar

ha! nicely done

Sorry, no can do; we’re way over our crazy capacity down here. We’re presently looking at sending our State Board of Education to Minnesota. All they have to worry about up there currently is Michelle Bachmann.

Saw this on the news last night. I can only shake my head in disappointment at how far the Pubs have sank to.

You guys just watch. Next Tea Bagger convention will have this guy as a speaker.

Oh and by the way, he’s on medical disability, collection checks from the government. Just thought I’d mention that.

Yep. Vandenboergh is receiving SSDI. If these people were any more cognitively dissonant, they’d be stone blind.

Actually, the teabaggers will be running their own candidate in '12. Independent of the republicans.

Their party mascot? The squirrel.