Don Knotts on Candid Camera

Does anybody know where I can see the old (early 60’s ?) Candid Camera episode in which Don Knotts pretended to be an incredibly shakey-handed watch repairman??

I’d love to see if it’s as funny as I remember it being.

I don’t know if Don Knotts played his schtick on Candid Camera (and with that face, I don’t think he would go for long unrecognized) but his nervous-man / “Man on the Street” interviewer was made famous on the Steve Allen Show.

Here’s one clip which kicks in at about the 30 second mark


If I’m not mistaken, Knotts did that gag a few times; I remember seeing it, I think, during the show’s 1974-79 run. There’s a DVD set called “Five Decades of Smiles” that probably has it, but it’s pricey, unless you can get it on eBay. The Candid Camera website also has a set of VHS tapes for $20 that might have it.

Oh, and yeah, that was freakin’ hysterical.

Not exactly what you’re asking for, but some true entertainment, if you have the time for it, is available at Don Knotts - Archive Interview Part 1 of 7 old version. This was one special guy!

I too remember seeing that clip being replayed during CC’s 1970s revival, but Knotts was trying to pierce lady’s ears not repair watches. Maybe he did both bits?

I only saw the watch repair gag. After nervously trying without success to supress his incredibly shakey hands in order to begin disassembling the customer’s watch (right in front of her on the countertop), he excuses himself and takes her watch behind a screen/wall; the next thing we hear is the sound of VERY loud hammering. BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM!
Ear piercing sounds equally hilarious.


Don Knotts, lol.