"Don-yoh tenk-wah chee" (to the tune of "Bringing in the Sheaves")--is this anything?

A friend of my parents asked about this… he said when he was young their grandmother taught them to sing this, claiming she had learned it from a “missionary to the Chinese,” but he has been told that it’s not really Chinese and he hasn’t been able to figure out what language it is (if it is indeed a real language!)

They learned the chorus like this:

“Don-yoh tenk-wah chee,
Don-yoh tenk-wah chee,
High-low ling-tum fye-low,
Don-yoh tenk-wah chee.”

I said I would ask you smart people!

I found the song in Mandarin here

I don’t speak the language, but the “bringing in the sheaves” line is “shōu hé kǔn huí jiā”, which is completely different from your friend’s song.

Too late to edit my last post, but the Mandarin word for “heaven” is “tiānguó”, which might be the “tenk-wah” in your lyrics.

Thanks! I’ll pass it on. :slight_smile: