Donald Duck and the Gorilla

You’d think if anyone knew this I would, but this is one of the obscure pieces of Disney lore that I’ve never been able to get an answer to.

In the 1944 short “Donald Duck and the Gorilla” Donald is listening to the radio when an announcement comes over the air which says something along the lines of :

*Attention. Attenion. Ajax the Gorilla has escaped. Be on the lookout. That is all. *

Then at the end of the announcement the announcer says a curious word which sounds like “'Breckinridge.” He does this two or three times during the short, and always at the end of a radio announcement after saying “That is all.”

Does anybody have any clues what this mystery word may be all about?

“Breaking news,” maybe?

It’s “Per Eckinridge” (sp?). According to my dad, This means that Eckinridge is the source of the information.

Okay … so who would Eckinridge be then?