Donald Trump Is A Disgusting Human Being

As are those who support him.

"The Trump administration said in a court filing that reuniting thousands of migrant children separated from their parents or guardians at the U.S.-Mexico border may not be “within the realm of the possible.”

Pro life, Pro family my ass.

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People need to go to prison for this.

I’m more and more subscribing to the notion that he really is some sort of shape-shifting alien reptile.

No, if I could only find my special glasses…

If he were a shape shifting alien, he would be competent.

Trump is just an incompetent buffoon who was elected by people who lost their minds due to having to live under a black president.

Evil incarnate.

Donald Trump Is A … Human Being


They won’t; they have an “R” next to their name or work for somebody who has. It doesn’t matter how many lives they ruin, they will never, ever be punished for it. Our entire society is nothing but a huge machine custom made to pander to the Republicans and protect them from the consequences of their actions.

I think its more that the rich and powerful aren’t held accountable for their actions irrelevant of party. I’m sure that no matter who the next president is, D or R, we will be told to ‘look forward, not backward, for the good of the nation’ the same way Obama said that in 2008 about investigations into the financial crisis, torture or being lied into a war. The reason he said that, IMO, is that so many powerful people of both parties were implicated that an honest investigation would bring down a lot of powerful people.

However, maybe some state AG will press charges. We can only hope.

Yes, yes, we appreciate the dig.

But seriously, he is a human being and not an especially atypical one. And that is fucking terrifying. He’s what happens when massive wealth and privilege allow a person not to have ever suffered consequences for any actions. He’s what most of us could well have become under different circumstances and how many of us would behave if we didn’t have to worry about making a living or facing consequences.

And that’s an object lesson to us all on how we want to raise the next generation and what kind of society we want.

Donald Trump is not terrible because he’s inhuman. He’s terrible, terrifying, and disgusting because he’s an absolute embodiment of the worst impulses of humanity.

Oh the humanity.

I’d like to believe he’s an alien. I’d love to be able to repudiate him as a member of my species.

Doesn’t he ever look into those crowds of children and think that it could be Barron in there? What kind of father would do this to somebody’s children?

Not this year.

I am of the opinion that as regards empathy, Trump (and most Republicans, particularly of the political class) has a severe deficit and regards this not as a bug but as a feature.

Look, we all agree that the situation is terrible, but let’s assign blame where it belongs, and that isn’t with Donald Trump. Are the migrant parents not at fault for risking their lives to walk hundreds or thousands of miles so their children can eat and not be murdered, and for believing antiquated legends of a United States where they’ll be treated fairly and with compassion? Sure, it’s bad for the traumatized children ripped from their parents’ arms and absorbed into a system they can’t comprehend, run by people they don’t know speaking a language they don’t understand, but once they get a little older and we explain it to them slowly, they’ll agree that the blame lies with their mother and father, whose faces and voices they’ll probably have forgotten anyway. As for the parents, they can always have a half dozen more kids. They were going to anyway, right?

Yeah but those are brown skinned immigrant children whose parents aren’t rich. Totally different scenario.

Also I seriously doubt Trump gives a damn about any of his children. He probably only cares about Ivanka because she makes him look good.

You mean David Icke was right?

Well, there’s this: Jeff Merkley requests FBI pen Nielsenrjury investigation into Kirstje

Wow, that’s one impressive typo. Only thing missing is a covfefe. :smiley:

Sky is blue. Water is wet.

With Trump, the new normal is: Bear shits in your house.