Donald Trump's Funeral

also on Nixon , he went to Duke law school and wanted his presidential library there. That was a big mess and a faculty committee there voted it down by just 1 vote. He put it in CA instead.

Not that she attended funerals of foreign heads of state even when she did do long haul. The single, unexplained exception was that of King Baudouin of the Belgians in 1993.

If Trump dies in office, he’ll presumably get a full turnout of the heads of government of the major Western powers. Not because they will have the slightest interest in paying any actual respects to him, but because it would be a chance for their first person-to-person meetings with President Pence. It really wouldn’t be about him at all.

I’m imagining Melania & his adult kids being led into a White House conference room and told that as long as nobody asks questions or demands an autopsy they’ll each get their share of the loot and nobody will be indicted for anything.

Probably with less dancing and more spitting on the coffin.

IIRC if he’s removed from office following impeachment he doesn’t get any of the benefits or honors afforded to former Presidents. No pension, no Secret Service detail, etc. His funeral would be a private event paid for entirely by his own family like most people.

That doesn’t sound right since the constitution is clear that the only punishment is removal from office and not being able to hold future office. But is there a guarantee that every ex-president gets a state-paid-for funeral? Seems as though that would be up to the discretion of the president in office at the time and/or Congress.

Judgment in Cases of Impeachment shall not extend further than to removal from Office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any Office of honor, Trust or Profit under the United States

He never would have got her. She was never in the habit of traveling to funerals.


For which someone unfortunately misread the handwriting and attached the Order of the Leopard (from what was then Zaire) to Prince Philip’s uniform, rather than the Order of Leopold.

At least it wasn’t the order of the leopards that eat people’s faces. Or was it?

Pretty sure Scot Baio will do the eulogy.

I remember reading after one recent death of a former president that after a new president takes office, people (I think from the United States Army Military District of Washington) and go over what his/her wishes are regarding a funeral.

Edited to add, here’s an article from the White House Historical Association about the planning for such events.

People will go see him lie in state just to be sure he’s dead. (Or is that too political for this forum?)

Thank you very much.

Disagree. This will show exactly why many nations have a separate head of state. Instead of Justin Trudeau, Canada will send Julie Payette. We’ll see Frank-Walter Steinmeier come in from Germany, the younger son of the Japanese emperor, and heaven only knows which member of the royal family Britain would scrape up.

Putin, however, will be in the first row.

Does he realize that Federal employees will get a day off with pay? He may decide not to die.

I just watched the video of Obama singing Amazing Grace. If Donald were buried face down and Obama sang that at his funeral, THAT would make thump spin over a few times and sit right up. It would be worth it to picture the torment that would cause thump in the afterlife. I enjoy imagining the torment it causes thump in this life. I don’t care how many people attend his rallies, thump will never be the classy, crowd-pleasing rock star that Obama is.

If he quits, there will be at least one act of his Presidency they can speak of positively.

There will be a lot of variations of “De mortuis nil nisi bonum [dicendum est].”

I think it would be a hoot if the Phelpses showed up to picket it.

I plan to continue to speak ill of thump forever.

Syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts hit it out of the ballpark yesterday.

Don’t get my hopes up like this

I don’t think Loser Donald has ever considered the possibility that he might die someday. Remember when he made his doctor say he could live to be 200?

I expect that this would have been one of those briefings that Trump simply ignored.