Donald Trump's Funeral

Yeah, I can think of another leader with Trump’s attitude towards racial minorities who did just that. I believe it was in an armored bunker under Berlin, circa 1945.

Are you saying that Trump only has one ball?

Whistle while you work,
The Donald is a jerk.
Won’t touch his weenie,
Because it doesn’t work.

Donald has only one ball
Pence has two, but very small.

I know the rest goes ‘Himmler is very similar; Göring has no balls at all’, but I can’t really think of a way to tie Trump’s cabinet into that, so I’ll stop there.

How about:

Trump has only got one ball
Kelly has 2 but very small
Sessions are shriveling
And Pence has no balls at all

I’d like to see you do more with the word “shriveling.”

I dunno, the last time a we mixed sitting president with semen it didn’t go so well…

I know, the line doesn’t really scan very well.

I’m having a bit of doggerel block though, do you have any suggestions?

This seems like a useful precedent to use in planning the festivities:

I’ll think about it. (No, I won’t.) But you might try taking your doggerel for a walk and giving it some kibble. I applaud your effort.

Trump? I think not. He’ll bluster to the end, even while he is being fitted for a jumpsuit that matches his hair.

Well, Our Donald has got the Benito look off to a T, with the uplifted chin and penchant for noisy verbosity, but I don’t thing he will arouse that much hatred. Obvious question: just why did the Eyetalians do that to their beloved Il Ducebag anyway? It’s not as if his regime killed many of its opponents, unlike Germany.

[Black bag slips over The Don’s head] "This bag stinks. You know when they hanged Saddam, who was sometimes an unreasonable man but who kept peace in Iraq for centuries, they at least used an Egyptian cotton pillowcase, not this nasty second-rate burlap barf bag that smells like Hillary’s underpa…

[Noose slips around The Don’s neck] …Hey watch it there fellah, what is this a hemp rope? So second rate. Typical of crooked Democrats to use a thin, cheap rope. Total losers.