"Donations Pour In For Family Of Drowning Victims"

Well that’s some quality headline writing right there.

“PayPal ablaze with donations for orphanage lost in fire”
“Donations shoot up for family of teen lost to heroin overdose”

More, please.

“Contributions growing quickly for cancer victim”

“Paypal makes donating to help brittle-bone victims a snap”

“Swell of support for tsunami victims”

“Santorum surges from behind”

Prostitutes appeal to the Pope.

“Urology clinic erected”

“Feral horse capture program installed”

“Contributors Sweeten the Pot for Diabetes Sufferers”

“Breast Cancer Research Funds Get a Bounce”

Friends Chip In to Help Family

Urologist Profits from Peers

Funding Axed for Amputees.

Families of Drowning Victims Pool Resources.

Trayvon’s Death Triggers Donations.

Judge Issues Gag Order for Kidnap Victim’s Family

Rape Victim Screwed by Courts

“Alzheimer’s Patients: The Forgotten Victims”

“Multiple Fundraisers Held For Fertility Clinic”

“Cemetery Worker In Grave Condition”

HIV Donation Program goes Viral

Epilepsy Patients Fit in New Facility

Amputee Stumped by Ruling

Donors Ante Up for Gambling Addiction Program

Acid attack victims raise awareness on Facebook

Texas Mass Murderer Sends Out Chain Letters

Former Nazi Liquidates Assets

Michael J. Fox Gives Parkinson’s Institute The Nod

Autistic Boy Rocks!

I am so going to hell. . .

Number of Children Killed by Leftover War Munitions Explodes!

Stats About Poison Deaths Tainted, Claims Advocacy Group

Crazy New Regulations Govern State Mental Institutions

“I’m boxed in by state law”, Claims Prison Warden

Plane Crash Survivors Air Grievances

Car Crash Survivors Meet Challenges Head-On

Railroad Crash Survivors on Track to Better Health

Arson trial spawned by GM love affair gets heated

…and within the article: “Their relationship went up in smoke soon after Hoy’s house was set on fire.”

That’s some stellar journalism right there!

Families over the Moon as astronauts return safely.

Pharmacists Report Sudden Rise In Viagra Sales

Electricians Walk Off Job, Cite Shocking Work Conditions

Bandage Manufacturers On Strike, Scabs Expected