Dondra: Already Called The Doctor, But....

… due to her pulmonary hypertension, she’s needing her O2 even while lying in bed!

We’ve been told there’s no cure, but she is so in the early stages of it, how can it happen this fast? Otherwise, she feels fine and her only pain is coming from her colycystectomy.

I’'ll be staying awake and watching her (her O2 company gave me a sat monitor as a loan and her O2 sat is 98% on O2 and 95% off.) while I wait for the doctor’s call back.
She’s not sick in any other way, and she isn’t sucking air, but it worries me that she needs O2 at NIGHT and not in the DAYTIME!



Thoughts are with you while you’re waiting for the call.

I’m so very sorry. Wishing you all the best. Yours is a beautiful love story.

Okay, Georgia Lung called back, and, since I was a somewhat knowledgable respiratory therapist before I went bat-shit, and her sats are above 90%, I’ve been told to “sit tight” for now and walk her with the sat monitor in the morning.

If the sat drops below 90, I am to take her back to the hospital.

I really need my training to stay with me, and I have already told her that if she notices having to “pull” for a breath, she’s t let me know immediately.

I’m scared, y’all.

I started the night in such a great mood, cooking for her, and cleaning the house and tucking her in, but when she asked for her oxygen, I got scared.

Thanks for any advice


My prayers and thoughts are with you and Dondra.

Hang in there. Spring, summer, autumn, winter.

Luck to her.

Sounds like she is lucky to have you. You did the right thing by calling her docs and I’m sure you’ll keep a good eye on her. Hope that things improve for her soon.

Thinking of you both and praying that Dondra will be alright. And you can call me anytime too. We’re here for you guys.

Hang in there.

Thinking of you and hoping this clears up quickly.

We’re all here for you tonight. You’re not alone.

Dr. Lung? Pulmonologist?

{{{Quasi and Dondra}}}


I believe ‘Georgia Lung’ is the shortened name of the facility treating Dondra.

Sorry for the scare, Quasi, and hope it clears up/gets better soon. You probably don’t need any more grey hairs!

{{{Quasi and Dondra}}}

I don’t have anyone else (all of our families feel inconvienced by us, even though my Dondra is always there for them at a minute’s notice).

Is there someone who will stay awake (or IS still awake) with me, who might talk to me as I try to stay awake?

Sorry. I know that’s a lot to ask and no problems if not. I know you guys are there 24-7 for all of us!



Even if her stats stay above 90, please go to the hospital if you need some back up or get anxious. We’re here, but if you need physical people, please don’t hesitate to take her in.

My thoughts are with the both of you.

Hang in there , Quai and Dondra! Bill, you are just the man your wife needs right now. You have the skills and experience. We’re pulling for you!

We’re awake (well, in my case it’s a “sort of” thing but that’s ALWAYS true).

I need to knock out a bit of work in the next 20ish minutes then limp my way upstairs (taking longer than usual due to some failed amateur acrobatics) but if you don’t think it’ll disturb you and D, we’ll phone you a little after 11 PM.

Nothing to offer but my best wishes to you both.

That would be okay, please, MamaZ and TypoKnig!

Thanks very much!