Don't be gay, Sparky!

‘Gay dog’ refused entry to Australian restaurant

My favorite part:


What the hell does that even mean?

This thread caused a double-take, I tell you what.

What I get from this article is that even Australians can’t understand people who talk with an Australian accent.

Gay… dogs… wha? I’m not very fluent in crazy.

“Guide dog” sounds like “gay dog” in an Australian accent, is what I’ve learned from this story.:smiley:

This is funny- I can just picture how it happened.
Woman in doorway: So my friend can bring in his guide dog?

Waiter mishears it as “So my friend can bring in his gay dog?”

Waiter: Gasp! Noooooo! :eek:

Woman in doorway: WTF? :confused:

I’m guessing the “female companion” was Scottish.


Ok, but aside from that, what is the “desexed” part all about? Do they think if someone “becomes gay” they have their junk removed?

(Trying to imagine “desexed” spoken in an Australian accent, not getting anything)

Only thing I can come up with is that they assumed the dog was castrated and is a “bottom” for other male dogs? :confused:

Maybe if you misheard the word “assistance” badly enough, you might think someone said “desexed?”

I hate you Kenny.

That’s all I can think of.

In which case the waiter was operating on a multi-level, robust, advanced form of stoopid.

Remiscent of this example


“Especially if they can read this sign aloud to their masters”

Everyone knows that in Thai restaurants dogs are brought in through the kitchen entrance - “Gai” dogs. The desexed ones are more tender.

Wait a minute. They were ordered to send a blind man a written apology?

In flaming Braille!

Might be a stupid thing, might not be. Some people with guide dogs are “mostly blind” and may even be able to barely read something in very large print (and with a nice crisp contrast between ink color and paper color, like black and white), but otherwise have a large amount of trouble in getting around in an environment aimed at people with 20/20 vision. Others may be able to see large shapes, or close-up motion, but nothing written.

And maybe they are being a bit smart about it and having it transcribed into Braille.

I imagine the blind man’s reaction was something like “Screw you guys, I’m going home.”

At first glance I thought that was said by the dog.
There is just so much crazy here, I don’t know where to start. OK, so “guide” sounds like “gay” in an Australian accent. Does Australia have a prevalence of gay dogs trying to gain entry into restaurants?

O… K… Still not seeing the line from desexed=gay dog=gay dogs aren’t allowed in restaurants. (Because people will… *pet *them and catch teh gay? wtf?)

I think it’s more that only guide dogs are allowed. Any other dog, whether gay or straight, would not be allowed in.

Oh, and my chihuahua is bi. He prefers females, but if there’s only male dogs around…

Not exactly, but closer than other accents. If you want it in excruciating detail, Language Log has you covered:

They’ve even got graphs of the difference.