Don't bitch about dogs (lame)

What the fuck is it that people have against hot dogs? For fuck’s sake, people, they are quite possibly nature’s most perfect food.

Enough with the comparisons to male genitalia. “They look like cocks!” Uh, no, actually, they don’t. Have you ever seen a penis?

OK, maybe that’s just preteen girls that say that. So let’s move on to adults.

I heard a woman in her 60s say this yesterday, and she’s a fucking scientist: “You have no way of knowing what they put in those things.” Uh, yeah, actually, you do. Read the fucking food label. You may be new to this country (more likely, you were born and raised here), but here in America all commercially sold foods must contain ingredients lists, as well as nutritional information. OK, by reading that information it’s obvious that dogs aren’t exactly granola when it comes to health, but you can also see quite fucking plainly that “rat poison” and “monkey feces” are not listed.

Why do otherwise rational people suddenly become ignorant shits when it comes to this noble and tasty food group? Grow the fuck up, people. And have a dog. They’re good for you.

Sort of.

And goddamnit, Spam[sup]TM[/sup] does not contain pork eyes or snouts or lips or ears. It’s pork shoulder! And ham! You can buy the exact same meat at the butcher’s counter!

Bitch … Dogs … Ha ha ha ha ha!

Funny, I was always under the impression that such sausages were usually more rusk than meat, and thus probably more closely related to granola than pig. Start a campaign; hot dogs are the new muesli!

Yes, I relished the use of that pun.

Interesting point you bring up. Let me see where I stand on this, it’s been a while since I checked. Ah yes, here it is. The Code of Roland Orzabal clearly states:

So there you have it. Pretty straightforward, really. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

I’m of the “read every other word” type of SDMB surfer, so it took me until about the middle of the 3rd paragraph to realize you were talking about HOT dogs.

So these first two paragraphs REALLY tripped me up…wow.

I agree tho. Hot dogs rule.

At least no one came in here yet to say “I burning your dog!”

I’m with Zipper on this one. I was like “WTF? Dogs the perfect food? They look like cocks?” I had to go back to see if he was talking about Daschunds and that was when I realized it was hot dogs. <phew!>

Although, I have told my dogs before “If things get tough, either catch some food or you will be food!”

Hmm, dog hot dogs. Now there’s a morbid thought. I’ve bought tamales off the street in Houston before so it’s enitrely possible I have eaten dog. They were tasty.