don't block the crosswalk!!

i am a stay-at-home mother without access to a car and with a tendency towards depression if i go too long stuck at home alone with the kids. so i take them on nice long walks every day, going to wendy’s or the grocery store for a cookie (if only there was a park nearby). it makes me feel better and i don’t get quite so snippy with the kids.

but it is kind of difficult to wrangle an infant in a stroller, a four-year-old, and a three-year old, especially having to cross busy streets. that is why i always cross at a corner with a pedestrian light.

it does not help me any for you to pull your big-ass black truck completely over the crosswalk, totally blocking the walkway. no, i can’t walk around you, i am not taking three small children directly into the path of oncoming traffic.

you are supposed to stop behind the crosswalk. stopping four goddamn feet farther out is not going to get you anywhere any faster. all you’re doing is pissing me off, in addition to anyone who is trying to make a turn from the right-hand lane but can’t see around you.

bitch, i am trying to relax here!

Preach it, sister! :smiley:

What a coincidence. A few weeks ago I ranted about this happening in Pittsburgh.

Preach it loud, sister (and this from an Episcopalian!). As for me, there’s something to be said for carrying a nice, long umbrella with a point on the bottom.


what is with these people? what are they gaining by inconveniencing others?

Around here, while cars often block crosswalks, it’s not so much of a concern because pedestrians rarely use them. I really have to wonder about people who push baby carriages out between cars stuck in traffic as if using them to test the waters before stepping out themselves. Actually, I’m not really wondering so much as frantically trying not to crash my bicycle into them as I proceed legally down the street only to see a baby carriage poke out from in front of a UPS truck five feet away.

THE Cess?
Welcome back! But when did these kids happen? Last I recall you were getting married.
Have you been off boards THAT long?

wow, i’m a THE? :wink:

they’re step-kids, at least, the older two are. :slight_smile:

Hell, I made a rant a while back about the assholes who ignored the campus cross walk-even to the point of seeing me walking across the street and STILL never even slowing down, dodgeing me by inches.

The school is SERIOUSLY considering building a bridge over the street, that’s how bad it’s gotten.

Cess, I am afraid I must INSIST on a lengthy mspims thread about where the hell you have been and how you went from student to stay home mom and what happened with that boyfriend guy and your parents and OMG TELL ME ALL!

heheh, ok… :slight_smile: