Get OUT of the Crosswalk!

Look, I know recent construction has made driving in town an exercise in insanity. Right now, there’s no way I’d drive in town during rush hour, even if it meant hanging out in a park until it subsided (more likely, hanging out in my office). Nevertheless, would you please quit blocking the crosswalks?!!! I’m using them to get to my bus so that there is one fewer car between you and your home. Also, they exist so that I don’t run the risk of getting crushed between your front bumper and the side of the person travelling at right angles (or other angles) to you. You will get home. Trust me. I’d just as soon you not do it with my blood on your car – among other things, it’d probably clash with your paint job. Also, coming roaring up to the cross walk then stopping abruptly doesn’t impress me, intimidate me, or make me likely to get out of your way more quickly. Instead it comes across as bullying, and I have a habit of standing and confronting bullies. Just let me cross the street, and get home. I’m more than happy to jay-walk – sometimes it’s a bit safer! – but there are times when sad necessity requires I cross at a crosswalk with a light. Let me. In return, I’ll get out of your way fairly quickly. As things stand now, I’m starting to consider replicating the famous Tienamen square photo, only with me and a pickup truck.

Thanks for letting me vent!

I run into that problem at work - there’s a set of stop signs in the middle of the block out front of my building, with a crosswalk prominently painted between them. Yesterday, even though there was plenty of room on either side in the drive-up circle out front of my building, not to mention on the street past it, some UPS truck is parked right in the middle of the crosswalk. I had to peek around the side of the truck and then dash across, hoping no one would drive forward just because I wasn’t in the crosswalk and thus they weren’t watching.

Oh, might I add a fuck you to the people who don’t stop or only slow down a lot at those stop signs, perhaps thinking they don’t matter or aren’t ‘real’ stop signs because they’re in the middle of a block. They are real, thank you, and are there because that is a high-traffic area at a medical center. Please don’t hit the patients or staff and make our ER any busier than it is.