Don't Bump This Thread!

Brrrr. The kids left early and didn’t leave the heater on.


Chilly morning bump.

Chilly morning but nice afternoon. Bump.

A bump for the hell of it.

Winter is icumen in, loudly sing bump.

An early TGIF bump (for anyone who cares what day of the week it is).

Vacation day tomorrow. Bump.

Nothing in particular tomorrow. Bump.

Gotta remember to buy a can of turkey cat food. Bump.

I’ve got cat food, but I need a few other things. So, I’ll be heading out in a bit.


Woot! The Chinese Market still had turkey wings and tails. There will be broth for gravy. Bump.

An early evening bump.

How did we forget this thread?


Sigh. I’m missing Beck. Bump.

We indeed live in bumpy times. As Ms. Davis famously, said, fasten your seatbelt. Bump.

Beck always bumped this thread well.

Yes, she sure did. Now she’s been bumped by a meezer.

Hope that she bumps back here healthy and soon.

Her update thread is reporting improvement. Yay, Becks!


She bumped back in earlier today, in the “2020: You’re Fired” thread in MPSIMS.