Don't Bump This Thread!

Minus single-digits C here. So, warmer. Thankfully.


Should be warming up a little Sunday. But when will it stop snowing?


I’m going to have to work on that. In the meantime - - Bump.

That got me smiling, Yllaria! Great bump!

Good one, Yllaria!

We’ve just been informed that this is the beginning of coyote mating season, and we should keep our pets indoors for the next 4-6 weeks.


My cats are indoor cats anyway, so no worries here.


Highs today in the 30s, for the first time in WEEKS.



You get a better view if you go to the blog - but it’s still just a bump.

Bump. That’s all.

Happy Birthington’s Washday!


That’s as good a reason as any for a bump.

Apparently bumping is in song lyrics:

. . . Now let me hear you sing it

Oh, bumping I’m bumping I’m bumping
Oh, chaos is my remedy
Oh, crazy in serenity
Oh, bumping I’m bumping today . . .

“A bump in every direction is the same as no bump at all.”

I can’t decide if that’s zen or mathematical.


“A point in every direction is the same as no point at all.” It was in “The Point,” a kids movie, from about 1970. Here you go:

Oh, and bump.

Who put da bump in the bomb bam boom?

Yllaria, check that movie at 31:15, et. seq. There’s the quote. Though the whole movie is worth watching, at any age.


Temps in the 50s today! Snow starting to melt!


Yesterday’s snow is melting here.