Don't Bump This Thread!

Is that a bump in the night?

A bump in the day.

Another bump.

Post-vacation bump!

A ‘sorry, got sidetracked with crossword puzzled’ bump.

A Monday noon bump.

I guess that’s not a bump in the night, then.


A bump in the wee morning hours.

A pleasant afternoon bump.

Is that a pleasant bump in the afternoon, or a bump in pleasant afternoon? Bump.

A just-before-dawn bump

l,nhbgv m,gytfcx

My cat just bumped this thread.

A cat-asleep-by-my-feet bump

Thursday morning bump.

A beautiful Friday morning bump.

No no no no no no no no no no
Don’t bump this thread
It belongs to Mumberthax

Mumberthax hasn’t been around since November, 2018.


Yes, he started this thread and shortly, bumped off the face of the earth.

So it’s an orphan thread.
How sad!

We’re keeping it alive.