don't click here!

it’s an experiment…i started another thread called “click here!” and i’m going to see which one gets more views

Too late. I tend to click on threads at random so I didn’t read your title. So I won’t post a reply. Good luck with your experiment. Is this for some kind of college thesis? What is your control group? I usually don’t ramble on and on in threads I’m not wanted in and I’ll shut up if someone tells me to shut up. Say, that reminds of my great Aunt Edna at a family reunion one year… oh, you’re going to love this story… anyway, someone puts out a bowl of mysterious green stuff with a sign that says “Don’t eat this!”. Well, old Aunt Edna’s vision ain’t what it used to be, and before you know it…
Loses train of thought and wanders off to another thread. Oooo, shiny!

Too bad, me bucko.


T’is an exercise in futility.

Futility Lessening Hiijack…?
To rant about keyboards here would save on Hamsters. SO:

I wish all the arrow keys and the numeric keybpad were on the LEFT, so all the keys I use for typing are In Front Of Me.

That way I wouldn’t’ have to move my arm about more than 6 inches to get to my mouse and my shoulders wouldn’t be twisted left when I type. It’s currenly an extra 6 inches to get to my mouse, to use both at once my arms are splayed 2.5 feet!
I am aware that there are left-handed keyboards around, but Logitech… & Wireless… I think not.
PS: I really didn’t want to waste the bandwitch on such Mundane and Pointless stuff


Why don’t you just move your mouse over to the left side? Be ambidextrous. It shouldn’t take too long to get used to.

Employ a short Russian poet to do your typing for you.


OK, I’ll persuade the SO to keep it there also. (Have got mouse on left now, really)

Expect my frag count to plummet…

Good god, kittens in your back yard, you say? Stay well back from them. They are reputed to have many razor sharp claws and pointy, needle-like teeth. Don’t be fooled by their size. You need a professional feline exterminator, or perhaps a pack of wild dogs. I ran into a ferocious kitten once in…what?..don’t click here?..isn’t this the thread about kittens in the back yard?

Okay, sorry, this doesn’t count as a click in your stupid (non) thread. I retract it.

I already keep my mouse on my left at home. I was killing my right arm at work. I figure it will give me Carpal-Tunnel in both arms at the same time.