click here!

it’s an experiment…i started another thread called “don’t click here!” and i’m going to see which one gets more views

THE OTHER THREAD is already proving that people trust the SDMB not to do anything horrible if they click the ‘Don’t click here’ thread with twice as many hits.

Also, I hiihjacked the other thread with a keyboard rant and felt I should try and compensate for it somehow.

So anyway, I was walking through this vacant, overgrown lot, when I heard this blood-curdling hiss almost at my feet. I jumped as far as I could, looked back and saw this Satan-spawn KITTEN, preparing to leap at my throat. I tore off one of my shoes and…now what?

It said to click here. No, I don’t read the preceding posts. Why should I care what they say? Well shit, alright, but that’s a lot of boring reading just to get to my important posts. I guess I’ll have to retract this click, too.

Where IS that thread about back yard kittens?

I haven’t clicked the other one.

Just a word to the wise … the SDMB server is taxed enough without “experiment” threads, beside which it’s frowned upon here to do such things anyway. So you know an’all’at:)

I hope I didn’t mess up the experiment by clicking on each link about 60 times. :smack:

As iampunha pointed out, we don’t allow “experiment” threads on this message board. I’m closing both threads, TJdude825.

Please don’t do this again.

Cajun Man - SDMB Moderator