Psst... Hey, lurkers...

Okay, I know you’re out there. Secretly pining to get into the SDMB fray, but afraid to act on that.

Well, be a wallflower no more!!!

Here is your chance to post! C’mon… We won’t bite! Just post right here and let the world know why you contented yourself with lurking all this time!

Yer pal,

Hey all. I’ve been lurking around ever since the board got started–at least I think I have; it’s been months anyway, and I’d never noticed the board before (maybe I just didn’t see them). Anyway, Satan (if that IS your real name), I just moved into your area of the world, so I guess I’ve officially gone to Hell now. Not that bad, really, except traffic in Hell can be a bitch.

I’m a college student and really should be doing something else right now, but that usually seems to be the case. Now that I’ve started, I’ll probably be posting more in the future. sigh…I guess I now have just initiated another method of procrastination.

Oh, before I forget, I do have a question for ya’ll I’ve been wondering about:

There are three words in the english language ending in -gry: angry,…


I’ve just been waiting for an answer to:

How much wood…

Actually, I do post occasionally, but I find that the time it takes to compose a post cuts into the time I have to read the posts.

stands up

Hello, my name’s Nathaniel…and I’m a lurker.

sits back down again

I’ve been a fan of Cecil for years…even been coming to the web site for over a year…just never noticed this board…and I find that 'cause I’m posting from work…<shhhhh>…by the time I read all the threads, someone has said the exact same thing…

Satan said:

Speak for yourself! :wink:

Reformed lurker here (this will be my ninth post). I’ve been online since 1991 but always lurked in the background, first on Compuserve then on Usenet and on this board. Playing euchre and chatting on Yahoo brought me out of my shell. Heck maybe someday I’ll actually set up a homepage with a picture of me on it, although why anyone (other than my mother) would like to see a picture of me is beyond me!

Peace on Earth = Purity Of Essence

[ stands up
Hello, my name’s Nathaniel…and I’m a lurker.

sits back down again ]Erroneous

Here’s your white poker chip.


“I’d go postal, but it takes too long.”
Homepage: Gary’s Place

I used to post a lot, but then I got promoted and now I’m too busy.

I miss posting, but I’d miss my job more if I went back to my previous posting habits.

Everyone now…HI NATHANIEL! (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Hi all–my name is Carrie and I’ve been lurking here long enough to remember how the phrase “Mundane Pointless Stuff I Must Share” got started. (Titanic Wallpaper, anyone?) I do post occasionally, but mostly I like just to sit back and observe. Thanks for the laughs, guys. :slight_smile:

hey everybody…

Well, hell…I just started a thread welcoming the newbies, then I scroll down a little and see THIS thread.

All the sweet, sweet irony…or…


And of course it WOULD be Satan starting this post…I gonna get sued by the lord of the lawyers. :wink:

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

I’m a semi-lurker. Does that count?? I do post occasionally when the mood strikes me. Usually I sit back and wait to see if anyone posts an answer I would have given. I guess I’m just lazy.

I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken.

no, no, no - he’s lord of the flies.

Lawyers, in fact, come under the protective jurisdiction of Sir/St. Thomas More. We also have two other patron saints - St. Yves of Brittany, and St. Hilary (seriously - I’m not referring to the Senate candidate). Only profession that I know of with three patron saints - but don’t read anything into that, like we need 'em more…

hey, RynKat - tell us newcomers the origin of MPSIMS?

Qwisp, I think you have mastered the fine art of LISTENING! The best part of conversing.
Me too.

“A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.”

Eris, welcome back! I’d wondered where you’d gone!

Now, can anyone tell me where Stoidela has been? Vacation?

jti–I don’t remember exactly when MPSIMS got started…a couple of years ago, maybe? back on AOL. Somebody started a post called “Titanic Wallpaper,” which was simply a link to some, you guessed it, Titanic Movie Wallpaper that the poster thought was neat. Somebody (I don’t remember who) either re-named the thread or started a new one called “Mundane Pointless Stuff I Must Share” which was just a sarcastic rebuff for someone posting a non-question post. People started responding with random thoughts and stories, and a monster thread was born.

What’s that?? I wasn’t paying attention.

I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken.

Hello. Long time lurker, first time poster.