"Don't dot com me!"

Oh great, new words! I thought I saw this line in a film lately. I can’t quite figure out just what it means though. Using the Internet ‘dot com’ in a new way interests me.

Can anyone define it and/or know of other similar usage?

Tell us a little about the context and we’ll commence guessing.

Norm MacDonald had a beer commercial full of dot comedy.

Don’t groan at me - it was his joke.

dot.com” whatever I noticed first in some ads from Sun Microsystems. Naturally, since it sounds hip and with it and implies whoever tosses it around in casual speech is one of the new Internet economy movers and shakers, it got buzzworded in record time. However, in my ever-so-humble Unix sysadminish opinion, anybody who uses it has just marked themselves as a clueless marketing droid who uses buzzwords in lieu of actually understanding what they’re talking about. Personally, if I ever stoop so low as utter the dread phrase “dot-com enabled business”, I hope my tongue would immediately swell up to the size of a casaba melon to preclude me from spouting further blather and embarassing myself even more.

Opinionated? Me? Naaaah… :wink:

A cubicle is just a padded cell without a door.

Should I feel bad for saying… biteme.com? Or just lick my strong white ass.com? No? Well, then just go to get/clue.com… it’s all a joke.

I tried to get/clue.com but they sent me to .net for some reason… so I guess I will remain forever clueless.

“Only when he no longer knows what he is doing, does the painter do good
things.” --Edgar Degas

I remember four or five years ago hearing John Madden, during a football game, say “He’s so out of touch, he can’t even dot com.” That was the first time that I had heard dot com used like that. Now it’s used by everybody and their brother, and they always feel real witty and original when they say it.