anyone check out the dotcomguy?

he’s actually doing this thing…

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the moment i saw his face, i wanted to punch him, then, upon reading about…, i learned he was a frat boy-- big surprise! --so i lost any guilt i had about wanting to punch him.

I went there …

I wanted to get into it . . .

… but what really struck me was that they were trying to cash in on all these marketing and partnerships promos and they didn’t have it together yet.

<subliminal> Miracles! Happen! </subliminal>

I’d love to see a long term power outage or a telephone failure at his place, and then see him try to call for repairs with his computer only. What can I say, I’m mean like that.


Nobody ever calls me after they’ve done something smart.

I saw him on the local tv news. Average looking guy. His refrig came with no food, no dishes etc. UPS guy came & brought him his laptop. They have like a $100,000 video camera system setup just to watch him do his thing.

      • Yawn. BFD. He wants to sit at home all day, surf the net and shop. Hooray, we’re all saved!!! Thank God for Dorkcomguy!
      • As I am reading it, “The Idea” seems to do something with avoiding getting a real job. Is Dorkcomguy a phys-ed major? - This is almost as stupid as the lady living in the tree to promote conservation. I have to admit, I do not have the intelligence for this type of behavior, I just don’t “get” it: I lack the courage to ask other people to pay me for doing something absolutely useless. - MC

According to The Wall Street Journel he’s a Dallas guy who volunteered to do this marketing thing for a year.